Friday, June 02, 2006

Catching Up After Running The Streets

Sorry for the lateness in posting. But a late night Thursday and running errands before my trip to Camden Yards later today prevented me from getting online any sooner.

If I have to hear again that the Yankees blew a chance for their first four game sweep in Detroit in 80 years one more time....

Apologies to the girls that I called jinxes at Blondies Thursday night after the loss. I wanted that win in the worst way, but I shouldn't have blamed you for the loss. Even though technically, the Yankees didn't start losing until you came over to say hello....

It was still a great series for the Yankees all things considered. We're only half a game out and playing well despite the injuries.

The Yanks are winning series and that's what matters. But a sweep would have been sweet.

Farnsworth bounced back well last versus the O's. Yeah he got a blown save, but Cairo could have gotten the DP had he fielded it cleanly.

What's been overlooked is Damon knocking the ball out of Roberts glove with his slide into second in the ninth. If he slides in headfirst, Roberts is probably able to hold onto the ball. But by sliding in feet first, he's able to jar the ball out of the glove with his foot...keeping the inning alive and enabling Captain America to do what he does.

Darth Marc is all about fundamentals.

Aside from good weather today in B-More, what I hope for most is some length from this latest installment of One Unit To Live. We need at least seven innings out of him tomorrow. It wouldn't hurt if the Yankees put some runs on the board to give him some cushion. No drama please. The only drama I want is seeing whether one of my Imperial Crew murders Bald Fuck Eddie the first time he decides to say something smart about the Empire.

How delicious. The Omen remake comes out next week and O's fans have to deal with this? I would giggle my ass off. I would say that they've suffered enough with Angelos owning their team. But I'd be lying my ass off.

Quick Shout to the guys at AOL NY Sports Page. Thanks for the plug, fellas. Hopefully I can return the favor in the future. Oh wait! I just did...;-).

More when I get back....


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