Thursday, June 01, 2006

So Money And You Don't Even Know It!

I was trying to figure out how to start this post. Fortunately, my buddy Rob gave me the perfect intro...

ive got three words for you. melky freakin cabrera. i love watching this mix n match yankee team right now. dare i say it is more entertaining?

if you told me in march that come june 1st the yanks would be without matsui...without sheffield...damon has a broken foot...johnson has an era of 5.37...and still be tied for first place...i would call you crazy.

what does this all mean? doom for everyone else. once they get healthy and straightened out (rj) the yanks are gonna be puttin a hurtin on. sawx fans are cringing. if they cant get any space between them and the [columbus] yanks now in the state they are in right now...what the hell they gonna do once the big guns come back? get bitch slapped.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I don't like talking about statements series/games in late May/early June. But I feel that last night's performance has definitely put the rest of the league on notice. The way they've beaten the Tigers the last three days has showed me a couple of things.

First off, the Tigers have made progress but they have a long way to go before you can call them an elite team. They can pitch, hit and run. But their free-swinging ways are going to be their downfall. They probably need one more slugger to even out the lineup.

Second, the Yankees, once again, are going to be a tough out for anyone has the misfortune of anyone that has to face them in October. Last night's game had rollover written all over it. They had just won the first two games of the series, and with the injuries they've sustained, I would have been happy with a split. Now I smell blood. I want a sweep.

I don't care how good Verlander is (and he's very good), I want the Yankees to send a message to the Red Sox, the Jays and rest of the league that it's on. That's with without Matsui or Sheff, that it's going to be long, miserable summer for the American League.

Granted, it would be nice to get Sheffield and Damon healthy. But as I said in an earlier post, if we pitch well, then we have enough offense to get by. I'd certainly take our offense over what Minnesota and Oakland put on the field every night.

Moose was as good I've seen him last night. This wasn't the Royals he shut out. But a good offensive team with a nice mix of speed and power. It was a masterful pitching performance at the absolute perfect time. The bullpen needed Moose to go at least seven last night. They couldn't have asked for more with a complete game six hitter.

With the O's up next, this is the time to go on a nice winning streak so we have some momentum coming back to the Stadium next weekend.

I want blood tonight. Blood, I tell you!!!


Blogger kigogal said...

Too bad about not getting the sweep. I was smelling blood, too.

I'm so peeved, I've missed the last 2 games, will miss the entire Orioles series, and the 1st 2 with Boston. I'm working a trade show and don't get home until about 8 each night. (Long after these east coast games are over.)

Poo poo for me, but GOOOOO Yankees!

You're going to some of these Boston games, aren't you? Once again, I'm turning green. My better half has sort of pseudo-promised a trip to NYC this summer so we can go to a couple Yanks games, hear Bob Shepherd, see the REAL Yankee stadium, see Mariano (hopefully) and just generally soak it all up, but with no plane tickets in hand I've no idea when this might be... :-)

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