Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Admit It...I'm The Jinx....

I owe an apology to Members of The Empire and Devils Haters everywhere.

I am the cause of your/our current misfortune.

I'm the reason the Hurricanes couldn't finish off the Devils on Saturday. And I'm the reason the Yanks and Randy Johnson couldn't sweep the A's today.

Blame me.

A friend from work asked me Thursday afternoon if I could score playoff tickets to see his hometown Canes sweep the Devils on their home ice. As if on cue, another friend sends me an email asking if I know anyone who wants to buy his two tickets for Devils/Canes Saturday. For face value.

I was on the hook. I then remembered the last two times I reared my imperial dome into the swamp for a Devils playoff game, they won handily. Including a win against these same Hurricanes in 2002. Fluke, I say to myself.

After a 5-1 Devils win that was over in the first 10 minutes of the game, I'm still trying convince myself of just that thing.

I missed the last two Yankee wins due to a birthday dinner for a friend and the Devils game(Another reason to hate the Devils, they had no scores of any other sports games posted during their game. I had to call my office and text a friend to find out the Yankees won 4-3). So I made it a point to watch Sunday's game to see if Unit could keep line moving. They were winning with solid pitching, defense and timely hitting...the three keys that I mentioned earlier in the week. I was anxious to see if Johnson was off the estrogen pills and decided pitch like the Unit of old.

Maybe he didn't get memo until the second inning because the three-spot the anemic A's put up in the first inning (without Chavez or Thomas)isn't exactly gonna put shiver into American League lineups.

Seriously, after the first inning, he didn't look bad. He was starting to get some of his edge back (I loved the confrontation he got into with the ump after he dared grant the batter time. Jorge had to separate the two). I'm thinking that might be a good thing. I kind of liken Johnson's slow start to Clemens' when he came to the Bronx. It took Clemens about a season and a half to comfortable and become the mean, surly ace on the mound that we traded Wells for. It wasn't until he hit Piazza in the head that you saw the real Clemens. I think Unit is in the same sort of rutt.

Wow...the Baseball Gods have a peculiar sense of humor. Johnson's next start is on Friday at Shea...against Pedro!!! about kismet.

Today's loss had more to do with Dan Haren and his nasty splitter than Johnson. You're gonna run into a buzzsaw sometimes. His stuff was filthy today. I still feel good about the team's performance this weekend. Taking two out of three from the A's was a good way to rebound from the loss in the Sox series. Now Texas comes in for a four game set. With the way Wright pitched Saturday, if we can get Johnson right on Friday, there's a good chance for the Yanks to string a nice winning streak together.

That's of course, if I can stay away from the stadium until I get my powers checked. I've got an appointment with my therapist Darth Melfi to get me straight.

Yeah, right....


Blogger kigogal said...

In 2003, my fiance started accusing me of jinxing the Yankees. Well, I made this "Yankee Cake" for the world series (versus Florida, of course) and the Yankees lost. It was such a beautiful cake, tho! It was velvety, soft and stark white, with white frosting and this glittery blue sugary sprinkly stuff with the Yankee logo on the cake, which I made a template for out of vellum. The whole thing was quite a feat that took me all day. But they lost, so my fiance told me to never make that cake again. But it was so beautiful, I couldn't help it! So the next season I made the cake again on just some regular season game day and they lost. Boy was I in trouble. But again, such a lovely cake (wish I had a pic...) that I had to do it again. The 3rd time I made it the Yankees won, but this happened to be during the 2004 playoffs V. Boston. I made the stupid cake for game 1. We ate on it for a few days until it ran out. The day the cake ran out happened to be game 4. Which the Yankees lost. Then they lost the entire series and the Sux went on to, well, you know. I haven't made the cake since.

6:32 PM  
Blogger FenwayParked said...

Kigomanager -
Can I order three of your cakes
for Darth?
I'd like them delivered on May 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. He could consume them watching the Crankees play the Red Sox @ Fenway.
Oh by the way, can you make another and send it to Randy Johnson if he is pitching in that series? On second thought maybe you shouldn't. He's had an awful choking problem.

2:16 PM  
Blogger kigogal said...

Real funny fenwayparked. I would start making jinxed Red Sox cakes, but they seem to jinx themselves. :-)

7:19 PM  

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