Monday, May 01, 2006

Invasion Of Infidel Mountain

Nice way for the Yanks to go into the Fenway series, beating Toronto over the weekend. Almost didn't happen the way that umpire was squeezing Moose.

I could rant about how the umpiring in the majors hasn't been the same since the Mass resignations/firings as few years ago that cost some of the best in the game their jobs. Many of the new bunch are not only mediocre, they're more combative. They'll throw you out if you look at them the wrong way. Feisty and stupid. Not a good combination.

I feel pretty good about the pitching going into this two game series vs the Sox. The Blue Jays are just a bad matchup for Johnson and I loved what I saw from Moose. Chacon and Wang are starting find their form as well. The bullpen is as good as its been from top to bottom in years. Mo is Mo and Farnsworth's stuff is nasty. Myers has been great against lefties and Sturtze is starting to turn the corner despite Friday night. I can't wait to get Dotel in here.

The teams are pretty evenly matched right now. I would give us slight edge if we weren't so inconsistent at the plate. A-Rod's not even getting the garbage time RBI's. With Sheff out, he needs to get right for them to really achieve their potential at the plate. Giambi's looking like he wants to add another MVP to his mantle. That's if Jeter doesn't beat him.

More later...including my adventures on Draft Day.


Blogger kigogal said...

Okay. Here's my 2 cents. We got Myers for one reason. One guy on one team at one critical point in the game. He blew it. It doesn't matter to me that we were already down a run. He gave up a 3 run homer to THE guy that he gets paid to strike out.

I need a big glass of wine.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

Agreed. But there's more to it than that. My post is coming shortly.

4:14 PM  

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