Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Hate Being Wright...Sort Of

With Jaret pitching against Doc, I chalked up last night as a loss long before I got to the game so I was emotionally prepared for Halladay handing our asses to us.

Or so I thought.

Wright pitched much better than I thought he would. After some first inning jitters, he settled in and performed pretty well against a very Toronto offense.

The problem? The Yankees, A-Rod especially, need a collective colonic to get whatever is stuck up their asses out of there.

Once again, they made Halladay work for his supper. His pitch count was 99 in the sixth inning when they took him out. But they've been unable to pull the trigger on good pitches after working the counts in their favor. I'm tired of them letting these assholes off the hook.

You see the ball, boys. You hit the ball. Easier said, than done, I know. But I'm not getting eight figures a year to do it either.

This game was over, way before Hillenbrand's bomb off of Proctor. They weren't winning that game. Yeah, you could say that if Scott had held ground that Bernie's homer would have tied it up. Big hypothetical. They would have found a way to lose that game. It's in their heads.

Torre needs to take them to a massage parlor and spring for some happy endings because we can't take much more of this.

On a lighter note, the Friday Night crew was in rare form last night. It was jokes all night.

Some of the highlights. Patty Nails telling everyone that Johnny G is a closet Met fan and has a pink David Wright jersey.

In response, Johnny G yelling that he loves Wright's ass. In a platonic sort of way of course.

Friday night Bill's shirt. Looking like it came from the Greg Brady/Johnny Bravo collection.

Johnny G heckling A-Rod after Mr March grounds out once again with men on base.

The look of disgust on Patty Nails face when Johnny G offers to buy him a Pink Yankee hat. "Hey, Pat sorry, they don't have any pink fitted ones. Is that ok?"

Drunk Bowling after the game. That's a separate blog entry all together.

The ride home with Johnny G and Bill to Brooklyn. Bill/Johnny Bravo trying to give directions drunk was priceless.

This made me smile hearing this before the game.

A girl telling her friend in Stan's, "If you buy a pink hat, I'll kill you!!"

Nice to see the Holy Gospel's catching on.....

I'm down to four fantasy teams right now as my Strato-2005 league just ended. I finished in third place, four games out of first, in case anyone was wondering. Not bad, but with the team I fielded, I should done a whole better than 81-81.

I was thinking joining another league, but I've already been called a selfish bastard by several of my relatives and my friends would probably bum-rush my house and smash my computer...I'm going to pass.

One of my four remaining teams is a Strato-Back To The 80's league. You have an $80 million payroll to put together a team. Very cool. I've put my money in pitching as I have Clemens, Viola and Morris on my starting staff with Lee Smith and Rags Righetti as my closers. But I can't hit worth shit yet even with Dave Winfield, Willie McGee, Don Baylor and Steve Garvey in my lineup.

But I almost threw up in my mouth when I read this paragraph from the summary of one of my Sim-games....

Jerry Remy had 5 hits and 4 RBI at Yankee Stadium as the New York Sith Lords
pulled off a dramatic comeback beating the Detroit Dire Wolves by the count
of 4 to 3.

I won the game, but the idea that Jerry Remy was the hero was enough to give me a mini-stroke.

And for those of you new to the game and don't know who the Rem-Dawg is. Click here and read his career stats.

Darth Marc is all about educating the masses.

I'm off to Blondies for the NFL Draft....


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