Friday, April 28, 2006

Captain Blowout Vs Doc Halladay

I hurt myself see if I still feel....

Hello...I'm Darth Cash

One of these days. I'll learn. I'll figure out that I can't hang until the wee hours of the morning three schools night in a row and not pay penance for it.

The bald fuck took exception to being banned from the Camden Yards trip. I told him that I'd take reinstatement under consideration. But he'll probably do something to piss me off between now and June 3rd and making me realize that I did the right thing in cutting him off.

We have to do something about all these friggin tourists infiltrating the stadium. This is the second time in a week that these clowns were doing the wave while the Yankees were behind in the game. Why do they even come to the games if they're not going to pay attention? I really hate these people.

Chacon provided the fifth straight quality start by the Yankee staff last night. Why do I have a sinking feeling that this streak is going to end with tonight's matchup?

Wright vs Halladay

This is why I would never buy the Friday night season pkg. Because of matchups like this. You might have to wait a month before you see the team win in person. And the last memory you have until then is an ugly Jaret Wright loss.

I get to see Doc Halladay for the first time in person tonight. I'm a huge fan even he kicks our ass more times than not. He's just filthy. He would have won the Cy Young hands down had he not gotten hurt last year. This is how low my expectations are of Jaret Wright. All I want is for him is to not be down 7-0 at the end of the second inning. Just give us a chance to compete. Why this guy continues to get chances when Unit is on regular rest is beyond me. He's a walking 15-2 blowout.

More later....


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