Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why Couldn't I Have Been At That Game?

We all know Schilling and Varitek hate A-Rod's guts as much as anyone in the league. So it had to be sweet for Alex to crush that shot off of those two jackasses.

It bothered Schilling so much that he walked Matsui and gave up the icer to Jorgie to make it 6-3.

Giggled my ass off.

Another chink in the armor of that tin-plated phony Schilling. You know he'll rebound, but anytime we can beat him is always a good thing.

I hate him more than I ever hated Pedro. At least, when you faced him, you knew you were facing greatness and you had to respect that. This guy isn't going to sniff any parts of Cooperstown. He's a big-game pitcher, but it's going to be hard to justify voting him in.

Chacon vs Wakefield in a little while....more later.


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