Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gotta Go To Mo's

I'm too clever for my own damned good.

I've given my enemies way too much mileage with the Clit-Boy remark. I almost killed Metstradamus because he's run it into the ground after one friggin' day. Between that and the heckler who was drowning out the announcers during tonight's broadcast, I was this close to having pull out the shovels and the lye and get a car to head upstate.

Thankfully, Giambi homer in the 11th and Mo's amazing three inning 25 pitch performance calmed enough to keep my demons at bay.

It shouldn't have come to all that considering we had a 6-1 lead. But a win is a win. One of the things that I would like this team to learn is how to tack on runs after they get an early lead. This is second time in three days that the Yankees have built an early lead in a game only to see it squandered away. Yeah, your pitchers should be able to pitch with a lead. But sometimes they're gonna be off their games. The weakness of most teams is their middle relief. If you can pounce of them after knocking out their starters, very few teams will have the stomach for 10 run comeback. And you don't need your closer to pitch three innings to insure a win.

How does this game affect us for the next two? Moose is going to play a big part as to how. If he can go deep into the game and give the bullpen a blow, it helps us not just for this series, but our weekend at Camden Yards and our showdown with Boston at the Stadium. We don't need nine but seven plus would definitely help matters. I'm not worried about Mo as much as I am Proctor and Farnsworth. I'm seeing them way too much.

The Yankees have been crushing southpaws but Nate Robertson has been Detroit's best pitcher recently. I doubt tomorrow will be an 11-6 affair.

Good win tonight. But how costly it was remains to be seen.

It doesn't take much to excite Mets fans. My arch enemy is so giddy about their minor league jewel being called up and the fact that big head girl is a Mets fan....he decides to write two posts about. Yay.

He's killing me with the Wally Pipp/Xavier Nady references though. Here's a team that has yet to produce one HOF position player in 45 years of existence, and now they're comparing this Rick James lookalike to Lou Gehrig. Then again, if you believe Mike Lupica, Reyes and Wright are already better than Jeter and A-Rod so I guess I'd better keep my mouth shut.

Here's my prediction for young Lastings (I love my people, but these parents kill me with these names). He's up here for a cup of coffee, shows a couple of flashes....then the Mets trade him for Kenny Rogers and a box of hammers for the playoff run. Milledge has a great career in Texas before he's caught with 15 kilos of cocaine and underaged midget strippers in a Chuckie Cheese bathroom...Rogers walks Melky Cabrera with the bases loaded for the winning run in 2006 World Series.

I know, Omar's a pretty smart customer...but I can dream can't I?


Blogger John said...

Hey there. I run AOL's New York Sports Page, and wanted to let you know I linked to you this morning:

New York Sports Page

If you have any tips or complaints (or if you don't want to get these heads-up messages) feel free to contact me at NYSportsPage --at-- aol dot com.


10:31 AM  
Blogger FenwayParked said...

"I'm too clever for my own damned good."

I love that! Well, I've been busy working for a change and haven't had much time to visit. I've looked back at some of your recent postings spotted some decent fuel for the fire but alas, they're old news.
Hey, I enjoyed Mussina yelling at Torre to stay in the dugout. It seemed like uncharacteristic behavior for him.
What is it called when a Moose raises is voice? A bellow? bray? scream?

3:50 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

Thanks John for the shoutout. I'll return the favor shortly.

4:31 AM  

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