Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catching Up

I made a conscious choice not to listen to Friday's game on the way back from Cooperstown. When I saw the pitching matchup, Johnson vs Gonzalez, I realize that a bad omen was in the air. Until I arrived in the city, the only idea I had of the carnage to come was when I was changing CD's and I heard John Sterling say 5-3 Yanks bottom of the second. Ugh. Not good.

I arrived in the seventh, just in time to see Heilman and Proctor duel. The one good thing to come out of all this is seeing the emergence of Scott. He was amazing on Friday and Saturday. This is not a fluke, this kid is the real deal. Torre's faith in him was warranted. Now as long as his arm doesn't fall off, like Gordon, Sturtze and Karsay's, we'll have a keeper.

I'm still wondering why Torre insisted on Mo walking Delgado to get to Wright. I know Delgado is the slugger with the proven track record, but giving this kid the opportunity to become friggin folk hero was not wanted. If Delgado beats us, fine. It doesn't have the same symbolic significance as the Mets poster boy becoming the hero. To the team or the fans. The team and its fans can say otherwise, but they'd be lying.

The Big Unit has become the Big Pussy. His confidence is shot and I have no idea how he'll get it back. And if he continues to stink it up, we're in big trouble. But I'll tell you this, for once I agree with Mike Francesa. I would rather chalk this season up as loss than resign Roger Clemens at $4 million a month. First off, that mercenary is older than Johnson. And secondly, AL lineups are far more difficult to navigate than NL lineups. Say goodbye to the sub-one ERAs. And he hasn't been in a game situation since March. Who's to say when the mercenary will round out into game shape? Let some other teams spend their fans hard earned money on this guy. I'd rather see what Cashman can come up with than shell out money for another baby-boomer pitcher.

I really hope Jorge had back spasms Friday. Because if his walking out has anything to do with Unit....well, I'm going to leave that one alone. Hopefully, Torre will work it out, if it does....

I couldn't have gotten a better birthday present though...than being present for Country Time Wagner's total collapse in the ninth on Saturday. Going into the inning, all I wanted the Yanks to do was make a little noise against Billy Boy and make the Mets fan in attendance a little tight-lipped. "I just want you guys a little tense as you get on the 7 train. Just a little nervous." Little did I know that I'd get more than that. Wow. Mets fans, who usually chant "Yankees Suck!" when they beat the Cardinals, much less the Yankees...were eerily silent going home. It didn't matter what happened on Sunday. The Met fan knew they had a chance to sweep the Yankees. To cause utter chaos in the empire among the fans and the brass. And Wagner couldn't seal the deal.

Blame Willie all you want for bringing him in and not taking him out sooner. It's the job of a big-time closer to shut the door on the opposition in that situation. By letting the Yankees come back on Saturday (with the bottom of the lineup mind you), it didn't matter what he did on Sunday. He showed a chink in his armor.

You can say that Mo did the same thing on Friday. But he has an established track record in big games. Wagner doesn't. He has never won anywhere and he's going to have to prove to Mets fans and NYC in general, that he's an championship closer.

As for Sunday...well, I think A-Rod's new nickname is going to be 6-4-3. An MVP has to perform better than this. He's had some great stretches here, but I can't remember one stretch where he's carried the team for an extended amount of time in the way Bernie, Giambi, Sheff or Matsui have in the past. This is the time the team needs him most and he rarely seems to get a big hit. The Schilling homer a couple of weeks ago, but there hasn't been much since. He's had his opportunities and with this team, he'll continue to have his chances. But this 6-4-3 shit has to stop now.

Monday made me want to vomit. I like Wang. But he's going to be of no use to us if he can't pitch well against Boston. With more relentless and disciplined lineups, he has to learn how pitch out of trouble. The AB's Ortiz and Manny had to spark their comeback were sickening. He's a sinkerballer with nasty stuff, but he has to come up bigger than this.

Big Baby Sheff is coming back tonight allegedly. I guess he's seen the boys suffer enough so he wants to come in as the conquering hero. I never want to see the Yanks lose to the Sux. But I would to love see him fall flat on his face.

If Wright had Pavano's body, he'd be an ace. He's a battler. As it stands now, I just hope he can keep us in the game against Wakefield.

More later....


Blogger kigogal said...

It's pretty much my opinion that Mr. 6-4-3 NEVER gets big hits when they matter. I mean, how many times is he up to bat with the game on the line or even just with risp and he does nothing! He hits into his famous 6-4-3 or, probably his #2 most famous move, he flies out foul to the 3rd baseman! Ohhhhh, just thinking about him makes my blood boil. And then a guy like Bubba (when he's playing) makes a teeny tiny percentage in pay, gets little attention, plays his little heart out, is a great guy and a team player. Finds a way to get hits when they matter.

Uh, oh. I'm on a soap box again. :-)

6:25 PM  

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