Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Are You There, God? It's Me, Buck...

Because the Yankees just used my pitching staff like Margaret's tampon.

With Kevin Millwood deciding to pitch like the old Kevin Millwood, I wasn't sure if my boast that the Yankees had enough it's clear that the Yankees had to start scoring some runs for me to maintain my sterling Imperial reputation.

It wasn't looking good early. I stopped by Blondies for a drink and see the Yankees down 10-2. I started to divorcing myself emotionally from this game to keep from losing it.

Then the Yankees start grind away at the lead. I start thinking if Small and the bullpen can put some zeroes on the board, we have a chance.

By the time Jorge hits that home run to win it, I'm spent. I'm done.

Here's hoping Wang can keep the line going.

I don't care how this comes off.....American Idol should never be played in Sports Bars. EVER.

Last night, I walk into Blondies and see that two tv's have that horrible show on...and the sound is up!

What people see in this train wreck, I'll never know. And on top of that, all the contestants suck!

Well, suck is a little strong. They're all adequate. But I wouldn't give any of them a recording contract.

I almost smashed one of the tvs when the Anderson Cooper lookalike, Taylor, started singing Ray Charles and Joe Cocker standards.

The girl is hot but her version of "Over The Rainbow" won't make anyone forget Patti Labelle or Judy Garland's.

Ok I'm done....I feel my manliness being stripped away as I talk about this.

Go Yankees.


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