Thursday, May 18, 2006

Loving The Ground Balls

A two and a half hour groundball fest. I have no idea if Wang can't keep this up. But if he can, he could be the first front-line starter the Yankees have had out of their minors since Dandy Andy.

Everything was down, down, down. And the great thing about his performance was that even he had men on base, he just kept dealing. Didn't get frazzled, just kept dealing ground balls and trusting his defense to make plays. Even after Cano kept spacing out, Wang continued to focused on the batter and throw nasty sinkers. Even with he gave up that two run shot in the eighth, he just focused on the next batter. I'm loving the way this kid is developing.

As I've said before, if we continue to pitch well, we have more than enough offense to hold the fort until Sheffield gets back. And it might hasten his return. If he sees the team doing well, it might sink through to his thick skull that he's costing himself a lot of money by sitting out. I'm not saying he's faking it, I'm just saying his pain tolerance might heighten just a bit.

No more late night White Castle runs. Ugh.

I'm off to Cooperstown. Will have a full report when I get back.


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