Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Death Star Pilots Makes Stop In Vegas For Hookers...

Because they obviously forgot there was a Game 5 last night in the O.C...

No point in reliving last night's debacle. Just wanted to bring up a couple of points.

I cannot watch playoff games in public places anymore. Can't do it. I planned on watching from home, but a friend was leaving town for good and I wanted to say goodbye before he left. So I watched the game with friends at Blondies. Bad move. I almost killed three people last night. Seriously. To keep myself out of trouble and jail, I'm watching the games at home unless I'm actually there.

This is from my friend Tonya who wrote:

So angry and exhausted. If/when Arod wins the MVP, I will vomit.

Amen. I've been torturing myself and watching Mike and The MadDog on YES. Francesa made a good point (for once). If someone that good is as bad as he was, guess who's going to be scapegoat. And it's a shame because he had a great year. It would be a slap in the face if he wins MVP. And he better be very humble at the press conference. Very humble. As a matter of fact, don't even show up. Refuse to accept the award. That would be something to see.

Randy Johnson was great in relief but we probably wouldn't have been in that situation if he did his job on Friday. He's going to get booed all season next year.

When Colon came out of the game last night, I was saying to folks that it's not necessarily a good thing. I saw Ervin Santana pitch vs the Bombers in July. He has nasty stuff. When I saw that he was walking the park in the second, I said "we have to get to this kid now. Pile on. If we let him settle in, he's gonna be tough. He hasn't pitched in two weeks." I was poo-pooed by several people. I hate being right. That's what happens when you actually watch teams other than the Yankees every once and a while.

Moose is a bitch. Yeah, the play with Crosby and Sheff hurt. But he gave up a bomb to Anderson and a laser-like single to Molina. He then walks Finley who can't a lick and gives up a very well hit ball to the warning track by Kennedy that should caught by either Bubba or Sheff...but it wasn't a exactly a bloop. Torre needs to remember to feed Morris his nine lives before the game.

The Angels are a perfect example of why you can never have enough pitching. They had Santana waiting on their bench in case something like this happened. Amazing. The fact that he was an Angels farm hand earlier in year also tells you why it's important not too trade away prospects. K-Rod who saved the game, was a September callup who became a huge cog in their title run in 2002. You see that the Yanks are starting to see the light with the success of Cano and Wang. But you hope they continue the trend and don't trade away the future for a quick fix. If we're going to continue making the playoffs, we're probably going to look from within to do it. Signing free agents and making trades to fill holes is ok. But you can't or sustain a winner that way.

And on that note...Umm, Go Giants!!!!!


Blogger FenwayParked said...

Oh Darth,
Knock Knock, are you there? Come out come out where ever you are! Hey
helmet head it's me.

What a difference a couple of postings or games make huh?

Your friends who reside in this outpost of the Red Sox nation were considering what kind of a musical treat we should leave for you considering the gloat filled seranade to which we were treated.
Here's a couple of tunes we came up with.

I'm a loser - dedicated to A-Rod
California Dreaming
We're NOT the champions (that was my idea)
finally.. in a moment of compassion
Sympathy for the Devil.

God this is just too easy. Did I enjoy the papers the day after the music died? (get it?) you bet.
Have I wearing my Red Sox shirt to the gym. You bet. Not the same one though I have quite a collection.

Now, here's an EXCLUSIVE peek for Darth Marc bloggers into a meeting between Steinbrenner and his departing coaches. (Am I getting ahead of myself? I don't think so.)
Note how George gets right to the point.

1. You finished the season with the same record as the #%&@ Red Sox!!!
2. The only reason you one the division is you beat Boston more time than they beat us!
3. You get into the playoffs A-Rod and Randy stink out the joint!
4. You lose in 5 forcing me to pay for that extra trip to California!
5. Is that all I get for my 200+ million dollars.
6. Oh yeah one more thing. You're fired, and you're fired, and come to think of it you're fired too!

I was not going to come back to visit after your venemous pictorial
following the Red Sox loss but looking at the number of comments
I thought you might be lonely.

You wrote about how Red Sox fans hate the Yankees. Do you want to talk about hate? Let's jump in the old death star next season and head up to a Red Sox Yankees game at the stadium. I want you to trade that trash can of a helmet of yours and put on a Red Sox hat and Ortiz shirt and see what happens.

Although I think David Ortiz deserves it, I want to see A-Fraud get the MVP. It would be fun to read the papers as he gets ripped another new A-Hole.

That's it from here. It's been fun. I guess we'll go at it again in the spring after the Giants stage their annual disappointment.

Oh yeah, One last thing there ugly, I'd like to see you take my lunch money.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

Very funny, Fenway infidel...I'll have a worthy response later...

As for you jabbie-jaws...still waiting for your address....

3:24 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Jabair, notice how Fenway has a very anti Yankee post but Darth Marc kept it. That is because Fenway is actually funny, doesn't come off as creepy and is not an instigating ass. Look into it. Bitch.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

well said, Imperial Vixen...well said...

10:43 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

oh wow...they disappeared again..how did that happen?????

10:45 AM  

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