Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Big Onion Stinks Up The Place

Can you believe this bull@#$%, Vader? This friggin stork couldn't go four innings, this what we paid $32 million for?? I can't believe this....

Was that a smirk on your daughter's face? Kill her please. Damn, you're a Sith Lord and you couldn't even prevent your daughter from becoming a Yankee-hater. Dark Side of the Force, my ass....

We could have started Jaret Wright if we wanted this. I know Small and the rest of the bullpen laid a big fat one in our mouths, but this loss falls squarely on the Chicken Hawk's shoulders. This should have been a 7-1 or 7-2 win. Instead we get our wigs split 11-7. It's 18 hours later and I'm still seeing red. Running around the bases, that is.

I couldn't even enjoy this. As much as I enjoyed watching Infidel Nation get torched to the ground by former Yankee El Duque, I'm not one of those fans who gets more enjoyment out of my enemies failure than our successes. To be honest, I could care less who we face in the ALCS. I just want to get there. Somebody needs to reminds these latecomers to the Death Star that it's not about beating the Red Sox. It's about us winning the World Series. Period. If they lose and we lose tomorrow, all it means was that we died two days after they did. It means that I have to watch someone other than the Yankees in the World Series. Again. So leave the playa-hating to the Mets fans. They're much better at it because they have a lot more practice. You get a lot of it when you've been the Braves bitch for 10 years.

But I will say that it was kind of funny reading that one of the idiots wants to jump ship. Damn, the body isn't even cold and they're already scattering like rats.

The rain-out today could be a mixed blessing. On one hand, it puts some distance between last night's loss and gets our bullpen some rest. It also could take some of the momentum away the Halos. On the other hand, they could pull Washburn and start on Colon on regular rest. As turns out, we'll face him on Monday on five days rest. Not great, but it also means Moose will be on five days rest as well. I like our chances a little better with Moose in an elimination game.

Now it's up to Chacon to keep our season alive versus Jerrod Washburn. Chaka Chacon has responded well in following Yankee losses so hopefully he'll do that Sunday. I think he'll come up with a good effort and the Bombers will be good and pissed about losing another game they should have won. We'll find out tomorrow, are they the baseball equivalent of the wife/girlfriend who makes excuses for her man who kicks the crap out of them? Or are they Farrah Fawcett in the Burning Bed? Are they ready to say enough is enough?

Come on Shawn, bring out the Inner Farrah in us....

The Big Onion is depending on you....


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