Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Morning Notes

Daughter or not, I'll smack the taste out of your mouth if you even if you even joke about Fisk being better than Thurman!!!

Thanks to a nap after the USC-ASU game last night, I'm up early burning music for a friend and reading the papers I might as update this blog with some random thoughts about this series and race in general.

The sweetest thing about this division title was how all the haters out there and how they outted themselves. The Republicans talk about a liberal bias in the media. And they're probably right. Well this year, more than in recent memory showed that there is definitely a anti-Yankee bias in the mainstream sports media. You can see it on ESPN where analysts and talking heads at times go out of their way to pick against the Yankees. Even when it flies in the face of common sense and logic. I wish I had nickel for every idiot that said that the Yankees were done. In June!! Heck Dan Shaughnessy of the the Boston Globe wrote this column in late saying that the Sox were a lock for the division . Now even if he wasn't working in Boston in 1978 (which he was), how can you count any team that's won as much as the Yankees out in June? I understand trying to create buzz, but there's also talking out of your ass. At least he had the guts to say he was wrong in a later column.

But it's not even guys like Shaughnessy, Bill Simmons or Jim Caple that bother me the most. They're at least honest about their bias. And they're quite entertaining in expressing that viewpoint. It's guys like the Mike Lupica that bother me the most. Guys who try to act like they don't have an agenda, but you can't read one column of theirs without reading about the Yankee payroll. Who actively root against the Yankees. Who in their latest column is whining about how the Yankees won the divsion yesterday was a farce.

Why, because it robbed the fans of a final Sunday showdown? Please. The Yankees deserved to win the division because they won the season series by winning yesterday. The best the Sox could do was tie so the Yankees deserved to win the division by virtue of winning the season series. Why shouldn't the team who wins the season series be rewarded for it? The other 160 games shouldn't count for something?
This doth sound like a vexed columnist who was hoping the Yankees lost in another epic battle. Sorry Mike, if the boys disappointed you in not letting this affair drag on anymore than it had to yesterday. I love it when columnists get mad when the facts get in the way of a good story. Why not write what happened instead of what you hope would happen? Sometimes, the truth can be more entertaining as fiction if you pay attention.

In the same column, he also gives a backhanded complement to A-Rod by saying he now can be mentioned in the same sentence as Mantle...but not quite. He forgets to mention that A-Rod has done several things that Mantle never did, including eight straight years with 30+ homers and 100 RBIs and 100 runs scored. Mantle only had four 100 RBI years in his careers. He also neglects the three 200 hit years (Mantle had none) and the 40HR/40Steals in 1998(Mantle's best combined year was 31/21 in 1959, although in fairness, stolen bases weren't as prevalent then as they would be in the next decade or even now). Not to mention that their career OPS numbers (.978 to .963 in favor of Mantle) and career batting averages (.305 to .298 in favor of A-Rod) are very similar.

The point is, A-Rod deserved to be mentioned in the same conversation as Mantle and his ilk long before he became a Yankee. The only thing he hasn't done yet is win a title, but that never stopped people from giving Ted Williams his propers. Yet Lupica acts as if it's blasphemy to mention him in the same sentence as the Yankee greats of the past. Another slap at him is that he'll never be as beloved as Jeter or Mantle. First of all, who cares? Secondly, are you now Metstradamus and can predict the future? Fans are very fickle and a lot can happen in several years time. I'm not saying it will, but if A-Rod and the Yankees win a couple of titles, a lot of opinions can change between now and then.

But I'm tired of writing of writing about that jackass. Let's move on some other stuff.

You silly hoe!!! You did what with my playoff tickets? And who the hell is Fred Neurohr???????

Other than seeing our team and fans in a parade down the Canyon of Heroes, nothing makes happier than to see images like this. Infidel nation wallowing in misery. I love seeing them suffer. Kind of like a little kid feeding battery acid to seagulls just to see them explode. Or picking the wings off a butterfly and throwing it to your pet lizard. Or putting salt on a slug just to see it dehydrate. That's what's I'd like to do to Infidel Nation. Figuretively anyway. That's why I think the Yankees should make it as hard as possible for them to make the playoffs. Play everybody today to ensure a win. That way if, Cleveland regains their manhood and can win today, it forces a play-in game between the Tribe and the Infidels Monday.

Now the Red Scum probably win that play-in game, but what if they didn't? What if they manage choke and miss the playoffs entirely? How great would it be to see the abject misery of their fans if couldn't even see their beloved team defend their first title since World War I? The shrinks in New England would make a killing if that were to happen. The entire region would be on suicide watch. When the Yankees beat the Sox in 2003, I read Bill Simmons everyday to see what he and his fans would come up with. It didn't matter if we lost the World Series. I've seen them win plenty in my lifetime. Seeing all of Infidel Nation this close to putting their collective heads in an oven was worth it.

Now last year was the worst sports year of my life. I was so angry that I saw blood-red for a month. And my infidel friends twisted the dagger already in my belly by sending me pictures like this. I've got to admit, I was this close to cracking. But I took comfort in the fact that the law of averages caught up with us and that we would have another crack at them. That the Empire would indeed strike back. You beat us once, let's see you do it again.

That's why the Yankees owe it to their fans and themselves to go all out in this last game. Pound on Schilling and their pathetic bullpen. Make it as hard as possible for them to defend their title. While there's a good chance that they might still end up in the ALCS, there's a less of a chance of them pulling another Hulk Hogan and coming back if we have them down 3-0 again. Sorry, fellas, God only goes fishing and gives Satan the keys to the house and Porche' once every millenium. No more miracles. And that one came with a price. Schilling clearly isn't the same and Foulke is out for the year. If they want a ALCS rematch, fine, but let them earn it. Put as many roadblocks as we can in front of them. I understand our guys need rest, but I don't think this team has left in the tank. Let's finish this thing.


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