Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fall Of Discontent, Random Notes

I've always thought that clubhouse unity is overrated. There have been enough dysfunctional clubhouses of teams that have won it all (77-78 Yanks, 86 Mets, to name a few of recent memory)that the idea that you had to have a clubhouse where everyone got along to win was totally bogus. I think the relative tranquility of the Yankees of the Torre years has placed too much importance on the idea that everyone has to hang out and be buddy-buddy after the games. Whether A-Rod and Jeter are still friends or if Johnny Damon and Schilling are cool will have zero bearing on how this pennant race turns out.

That being said, I am enjoying all of this snipping in-fighting going on in Infidel Nation. A week left in the season, and you've got some anonymous teammate taking shots at Curt Schilling. Now you all know how much I despise Curt. Is he an incredible competitor? Absolutely. But he's also an incredible jerk who doesn't know how to keep his mouth and a phony. But whenever he says something, he always takes ownership of it. Whoever this coward is, and infidel nation has their opinions on who the offender is , should be...well, I'll let the infidels handle their own punishment.

If anyone cares, My vote is for Johnny Damon....

Just got my playoff tickets in the mail today. I have a good feeling that I'll actually be using them next week.

This is an email I received from an infidel this morning. A plea for mercy or a rebel plot to cause dissention in the Imperial Council? You be the judge.

Dear Darth Marc;

I love your blog. You are a great writer, an excellent story teller, and an astute observer of the world around you. Honest. I mean all that. If you would only curb your language I could share your epistles with my Imperial Storm Trooper daughter. But anyway.

But I must take exception to your taking exception at being subject to that great Boston anthem, Dirty Water, yesterday. Realize that when I have to listen to your sound clips of the Sith Lord Palpatine (which I do with grace and humility), then you must be subject to return fire.

Yup, we are the Red Sox Nation. We know we were up 5 and now even. We’re used to it. It comes with the territory. We are always giddy, to the bitter end. About this time of year this pathetic rebel army utters those words, ‘I gotta bad feeling about this….’

But, as you know, win or lose, in the end the Dark Side is NOT stronger than the force. The Death Star was destroyed last year. It may be rebuilt in the next 86 years. But there is a weakness….

I know there is good in you, I can feel it. Search your feelings….

Rebel Leader

First of all infidel, thank you for your kind words about my blog. But it sounds like your daughter is the wise one in your family however. And the sometimes brusque language used on the Evil Empire Chronicles is your excuse to censor your daughter from the truth about the baseball universe. That the truth that the path to baseball power lies in one's relationship with the Yankees and the Dark Side of the Force. That the Yankees are one true baseball power and that Captain Jeter is their leader. That Yankee Stadium is the supreme baseball cathedral and that the Emperor is the one true master of the Dark Arts. And that we will never rest, until all the rebel scum of Infidel nation are all defeated and destroyed. The Death Star was not destroyed last year. Heavily damaged, yes. But not destroyed. It is ready for the final battle at Castle Grayskull this weekend. And when the Imperial forces of Torre vanquish Francona's Fools...the last thing you infidels will see before you go to baseball oblivion for the winter is the Death it destroys everything you hold dear.

Darth Marc
Yankee Sith Lord

Chacon versus Cabrera more burps.


Blogger Joe said...

Darth Marky,

I owe you an apology. Well . . . no I don't, but in the last 24 hours this blog has shown me that Red Sox fans are just as big as losers as Yankees fans.

I myself am a Mets fan. Go ahead - put in your shots. At least my team has some young players to develop and hope for more success in the future (and yes I fully realize I am stretching the word success).

Unfortunatly for you, you won't be using your tickets next week because as I said before - the Yankees will FAIL!!!!!

2:36 PM  
Blogger FenwayParked said...

We will speak of the pending confrontation in a later posting.
Right now I'm proposing a short term "unholy alliance" to deal with this Joe fellow.
Calling fans of the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX and the Yankees "losers" appears to me to require a mutual retaliatory strike.
I will await your thoughts on the matter.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

Fenway, I accept your proposal...

It's kind of sad actually...that fan that roots for the second highest payroll in baseball (Mets) has to try and stay relevant by taking shots at two teams that are still in the conversation.

What happened last night, Joe? Did your team forget to take its spoiler juice? How does feel to root for the NL East's version of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays? Whoops, sorry, at least they have Kazmir. And they can hit too....

1:53 AM  

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