Saturday, September 24, 2005

Have You Seen The Baseball, Baby....Standing In The Shadows?

That's what the Yankees were saying in the eighth and ninth innings of this 7-4 loss. With the shadows creeping over the stadium at the end of the seventh inning, it made it more difficult for the hitters to see the ball. You saw that in the ninth inning. Sheffield, Matsui and Posada all own Batista in their careers. Yet all whiffed pretty easily. He looked like K-Rod or Mo out there. Not to to say he couldn't have gotten out of the inning with a three run lead. But to whiff them as easily as he did, tells me that they couldn't see the ball. Batista is not that good.

This pennant race is bad for one's social life. I should be out having fun, instead, I'm on the internet watching the results of the Sux/O's game on MLB gameday. I'm dying a slow death as I read that BJ Ryan gives up a two run single to Edgar Renteria (affectionately called Rent-a-Wreck in Boston) as the infidels win 4-3 and secure a tie for first place.

So it comes down to this last week. A dead heat. We have one more game versus Toronto and four in Baltimore. While they have four with Toronto at Castle Grayskull. Then the final battle for the division as the Imperial forces head to Infidel Nation for the final showdown.

With both teams now a game and a half behind Cleveland in the wildcard and the Tribe playing the poor blind sisters of the poor, the Fenway series might end up being a win or go home scenario for both teams.

Time to dance that dance of death that we've done for the last hundred years....


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