Friday, September 16, 2005

Grinding It...Why George Why?

I was at a company reunion last night so I missed most of the Yankee game last night. When I was walking to the train station and I was outside of a bar that had the game on. I pumped my fist when I saw the final. 9-5. Nice win.

Biggie Small wasn't great, putting them in a 5-1 hole. But the rookie Robbie Cano picked him up with a huge grand slam to tie the game. It looks like his bat is finally waking up. Couldn't happen at a better time. We need to fortify the bottom of the lineup.

Two batters later, A-Rod responded to getting beaned in the bat the way you're supposed to respond....Crushing the ball the next time you're up. His 42nd homer put the Bombers ahead for good. Not as dramatic as Big Papi's blast. But just as effective. Small and bullpen held it down the rest of the way.

Add Schilling loss to the mix last night and we're one and a half games going into the weekend.

No time to crow and proclaim that we're back. We never gone. But until we're in the plus column in the win column instead of minus, we still have a ways to go. And it doesn't look as if Cleveland's going away so it's going to be a grind for the next two weeks.

Now it's off to Toronto. We've had their number this year, but even with Johnson pitching well lately, I'm not going to relax until this thing is over.

I really didn't need to read this today. From Bill Madden in the Daily News.

George isn't as bad as Peter Angelos in Baltimore. But he's pretty bad. This is as bad a move a front office move as any bad trade they've made. Stick is the architect of this Yankees resurgence. Yes, George has been great at marketing the product. But it was Stick that put the product on the field. These clowns better be more than Yes men for George.

Every Yankee fan is scared of a return of the bad old days of the mid 60's and early seventies...and the late eighties to early nineties. This could throw us back into the dark ages more than anything else.


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