Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Keeping Pace With The Infidels

So Captain America helps Wang get his first win against the Tampa Bay OJ's as the Yankees play Mark Furhman and squeak out a 6-5 win.

The victory helps the Bombers keep pace with Infidel Nation and the Cleveland Aborigines who both won tonight. We don't gain any ground but we don't lose any either.

Wang was shaky, but I still liked his start tonight. He got a lot of ground balls tonight. Unfortunately, some of them had eyes and got through. But he battled through it. I think he'll be better in his next start.

Sturtze is starting to scare me a little. He comes in and hits one guy and Gordon has to come in to bail him out. Kay and Singleton were right, if Sturtze's shoulder is barking then we're going to need our starters to go seven and for bats to give us more than a one run cushion. Flash was huge tonight.

I don't know what Lou was thinking, having Lugo steal with two outs in the ninth. Everyone in the park knew he was going. You don't think Joe and Jorge didn't learn from Dave Roberts? Lugo gets nailed to end the game and Lou takes the bat out of his hottest hitter. Fine with me.

We're finally at .500 on the road and 20 games over overall. Hopefully, Small can close it tomorrow. Cleveland is off, so we can gain a half game on them if we win Thursday. Boston face Oakland with Schilling going for the rebel scum.

Just keep winning, fellas. Keep the pressure on.


Blogger FenwayParked said...

"Rebel Scum?"
I like that one. However, I do have one question. If members of the Red Sox Nation are Rebels, what has ignited our rebellion?
Consider your response carefully because if you don't, it might leave you open to the type of comeback that you have proven incapable of delivering.
Remember, stringing together a string of explitives is not a comeback.
Go for it Darth! You're "pitching"
and Dave Roberts is on first base.

12:29 AM  

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