Saturday, September 10, 2005

Is it just me....

Or does Tim McCarver take a certain bit of glee out of the fact that folks in Infidel Nation hate his guts?

There was a point in the game where he said something that he knew would piss Sox fans off and then talked about the hate mail he was going to receive from New England for saying. He called Bronson Arroyo "Brandon" and never corrected himself. As if he knew it would get under their skin.

Oh yeah, I remember now, Schilling had a no-hitter going and McCarver talked about how silly it was for people to think that you're somehow jinxing the pitcher by talking about it. A minute later, Giambi hits an upper-deck shot to break up the no-no and the shutout.

As much as I enjoy seeing Infidel Nation, I wonder if McCarver realizes that Yankee fans hate him as much as Red Sox fans....

Newsflash, we're not there to hear you talk jackass, we're there to watch the game..when you realize that and stop trying to make yourself the story, you'll be acknowledged as the solid analyst you've been for 20 years. Analyze the game and let the game speak for itself. Don't get in the way.


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