Saturday, September 24, 2005

Death To Wave Riders, Chacon Shoots More Blanks

Obviously the infidels didn't read what happened the last time I was at the Stadium and saw the wave being done in my baseball Cathedral. If they didn't read that, then they also didn't read that acting like Mutt or Sux fans and chanting "Boston Sucks", when you're playing Toronto is also a very serious infraction to the Imperial Council. Imperial Vixen Julie was so appalled that she wanted to kill several of them right there...But I asked her to respect the cathedral and let the Imperial forces handle it outside.

Obviously killing 10,000 people as they left the stadium, the last time this happened wasn't enough of a warning. So guess what we had to do again?

At the end of the purging, the Emperor had this message to the families of the infidels.

It's sad, because Shawn Chacon had another incredible start versus the Jays. His curveball and breaking pitches were sharp and he kept the Jays off balance for eight innings as the Yankees win 5-0.

This is why I hate playgrounds and swimming pools and all the other stuff in these new parks and why I disagree with taking kids to the park too young. Taking a newborn or a toddler is one thing because they're oblivious anyway. But a two or three year old is pointless, because they won't be able to stay still. You won't be able to watch because they're not staying still and they're certainly not paying attention. Wait until they're five or six. That way we can avoid disgusting ADD showings like the one shown last night.


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