Thursday, September 22, 2005

Too Much Drama

Maybe the baseball gods are trying to tell me something.....

I've tried to post twice now and my computer keeps locking up on me, erasing my post. I've learned my lesson. I'm saving the draft after each paragraph now. That way, I don't smash my computer to pieces.

All this drama for a half game and a post! Godddamn....

You'd have thought we were watching Sophie's Choice with all the drama in the last couple of innings. Was Meryl Streep giving up another kid to the Nazis or was Al Leiter on the Mound? Did she and Kevin Kline off themselves again or did Flash give up another ninth inning home run? I honestly can't tell the difference anymore...

Moose was great tonight. I wish he'd challenged hitters like that all the time. With his breaking stuff, he'd be nasty if he threw more first pitch strikes. He could have guys swinging at the dirt all the time with his assortment of breaking pitches.
Leiter drives me nuts with all the nibbling. Kinda hard to make someone chase a pitch when you've walked 2 batters and they're sitting on fastball. If he challenged guys like Aaron Small he'd be nasty. He still has decent stuff. Better stuff than Small.

I wonder how many infidels in Third World Nation will be close to doing their best Sylvia Plath or Kurt Cobain imitations when they realize that they're a game back after being 4 games up two weeks ago? I've been reading Boston Dirt Dogs and the Boston Globe Sox Blogs. I've heard the Boston Police have guards posted by the Charles River bridge for jumpers.

They'll be loving that dirty water all right. Up close and personal.

I couldn't let the day end without commenting on Mike Lupica's column on why David Ortisz is the AL MVP. He actually makes some valid points about why voters should overlook the fact that he's only played 10 games in the field. There have a number of MVP winners who have been below-average fielders. Reggie Jackson, George Bell and Mo Vaughn are several that come to mind. Ortiz has been the best clutch hitter in baseball this year. He's the only reason the Sux aren't 10 games back. A-Rod is going to have to have a huge last week to overtake Big Papi. Striking out twice versus Bruce Chen and three times total last night isn't going to help his chances.

My beef with Lupica is the timing of the article. He could have written that article anytime last week or this weekend. Why wait until the Yankees overtake the Sux? To rain on the parade of Yankee fans? To prove to Fred Wilpon and Mutt fans that he still had their backs? The tone of the article is strikingly similar to the tone of his column last week where he's giddily rooting for the Devil Rays to knock the Yankees out of contention.

I've never read a New York columnist that actively rooted against the Yankees (or any home team for that matter) in the way that Lupica has the Yankees the last couple of years. Criticize? Yes? Kill them and put their heads on a stake when they mess up? Absolutely. All of that is above board. But to actively root for a team to fail is just too much.

Say what you want Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe. I've never read a column where he rooted against the Red Sox. He's killed them on a regular basis for years. But he's never rooted against them in his columns.

Lupica is such a disgusting shill for the Mets that I want to vomit. But screw him and all the haters last year. The best revenge against is for the Empire to prevail again and knock the Sux out of the playoffs and win the whole thing. Again. Let them drink themselves to death like Dylan Thomas.

Here's to cirrhosis!!!!


Blogger yankeefanwest said...

Great blog, DM! This transplanted Yankee fan salutes you and all those loyal to the mighty NY. I'm back in NYC (on vacation) living large with the Pinstripers.....hey, I even made nice with Fenway Parked! (We used to work together in town, though he might disavow any knowledge, Mr Phelps.)
What a great week so far...Yanks grinding the competition...controlling their "destiny!" Fans of all sorts filling the streets of New York proudly wearing the NY logo and names of their favorite players. And despite the pitching hiccups, the team is clicking on all cylinders despite the Tampa mafia and those Boss meddlers. Go Torre, Stott, Cash and Stick. Let's go Yanks!

7:35 AM  
Blogger FenwayParked said...

Darth Baby!
You've got a fan! and it's not one blowing cool air to revive Michael Kaye's lips after puckering up for nine innings of kissing Yankee ass.

Now turning our attention to the newcomer, Mr. Yankeefanwest. I brought him you your blog because I felt like Al Leiter you can use all the help you can get.

He's fit right in with all the rest of crankees stepford like fans who shuffle along the streets of gotham muttering under their breath invectives aimed at the Red Sox Nation.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

You worked with the infidel too, Yankeefanwest? He's a piece of work isn't he? I'd kill him but he's proven far too amusing...for now...

9:14 AM  

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