Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Winner And New WWE Champion....Bubba "The Bruiser" Crosby!!!!

Taking out beyotch ass pretty boys. That's what you get for flirting with imperial vixens, ass-clown!!

I'm about making punk-ass smiley-birds tap out!!!

Get the band ready...I'm starting to hear the Imperial March!!!

In all seriousness, I'm happy we've won, but the bullpen was for shit tonight. Mo should have had the night off but the middle relief is just awful. Small needs to go more than five as well. And Cano should be beat with a stick for hot-dogging that play in the second. Once again an error extends an inning and allows the opposition to score runs. We cannot do that against Boston. As they showed the last time we played them, if you give them extra outs, they will make you pay.

We need Randy to go seven or eight tomorrow so we can give our guys in the pen a blow. The Sox won tonight but here's how the infidels are feeling right now...From Boston Dirt Dogs.....

Not to get ahead ourselves...but the Sux have an offday Thursday. Which means we can tie Boston for the division lead with a win. Time to keep grinding it, baby....


Blogger FenwayParked said...

Oh Darth,
Just when I think I might detect a sliver of compassion from the evil empire we get a dispatch heralding Bubba Crosby's collision with Brian Roberts. A frightening event I might add that left Bernie Williams wincing as he witnessed the pain Roberts suffered.
I'm wondering if it would be a different story if say Trot Nixon took out Robinson Cano in a similar manner?
This morning's Baltimore Sun offers a little different take on the collision than the "Daily Darth."

"Brian Roberts suffered a season-ending dislocation of his left elbow after colliding with Bubba Crosby in the second inning, a frightening scene in a 12-9 loss to the New York Yankees that was filled with disturbing images.

Crosby laid down a bunt after Bernie Williams singled and moved to second base on a balk. Roberts reached for B.J. Surhoff's throw while covering first, and Crosby ran into his arm.

The impact sent Roberts sprawling to the ground, the pain so severe that he couldn't retrieve the ball as Williams scored.

"Nobody really knew what to do," said Surhoff, who chased after the ball from the third base side of the mound. "After a while it was pretty obvious he wasn't going to pick it up. But it was more important to make sure he was all right. I was trying to comfort him any way I could."

Replays showed how the collision twisted Roberts' arm in a grotesque manner. He walked off the field bent at the waist.

"You feel for the player," Perlozzo said. "This kid plays 100 percent all the time. You just hate to see something like that."

The Orioles' medical staff popped the elbow back into place, and Roberts spent the night at a local hospital. An All-Star season that included a two-run triple last night ended with Roberts batting .314 with 18 homers and 73 RBIs.

"You lose Brian Roberts, it's like you lose half the team," Melvin Mora said.

Crosby said he wanted to visit Roberts last night.

"Listening to him, you could tell he was in some serious pain," Crosby said. "My stomach just dropped. He and I played together on the USA team back in '97."

Once in the dugout, Perlozzo realized that Crosby hadn't been called out for running inside the baseline. He charged plate umpire Sam Holbrook and gestured wildly after the ejection, revealing a temper that had been kept under wraps.

"I was just upset that my player was in tremendous pain," Perlozzo said. "It wasn't the umpire's fault that it happened."

Enough said. We'll deal with the Evil Empire's attempt to invade domain held by the Red Sox nation at a later time.

I'm wondering as I wrap things up here, should I be pulling for Mike Mussina to blow his tender elbow out tonight?

12:30 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

We're trying to win a pennant,infidel. No quarter asked, none is given.

You didn't hear me complaining when Varitek knocked the snot out of Posada a couple of weeks ago in a homeplate collision. It was a clean play.

No remorse, no regret...we don't care what it meant...another day, another death, another sorrow, another breath....

10:23 AM  
Blogger FenwayParked said...

Ah Darth,
Look at the replay. Varitek let Posada off the hook. If it had been Trot Nixon, well even you can spell D-L.

Stand by, I'm watching the game and Crosby's showing bunt. Wow he reached, and NOBODY GOT HURT!

It's so much easier to watch the Yanks w/out listening to Mike "Pardon me but I haven't kissed any Yankee ass in the last 30 seconds" Kaye.

Don't worry I've the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX game on too.

Gotta go, but hey, I'm impressed you came up with some poetry that did not mention "an old man from Nantucket."

1:04 PM  

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