Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Forget Buck, Just Win

Luke.....Would you relax?? Just because Showalter is a bitter little ass-clown, doesn't mean we can't win this thing....Would you stop acting like your mom, Luke and get back on this ledge? Homefield isn't everything...

Agreed Vader. Homefield isn't everything. It certainly helps when you have raucous crowd like the one here and in Fenway. The players can definitely feed off the energy. But it's a moot point unless your team is playing well in the first place.

You have an interesting dilemma coming into tonight. You have two pretty evenly matched teams who are playing well at the moment, facing off tonight. The Yankees have been the best team in baseball in September while the Angels are probably a close second. But with the Bombers pretty much phoning it in in their last game against Boston and Buck Showalter pulling several of his starters in the fourth inning of his game against the Angels, it leaves the Yankees in a rather new predicament for them. Winning the division, but having to start a series on the road.

This is why every game counts. Seemingly meaningless losses to Tampa or KC in June can bite you in the ass in October. The Yankees have noone to blame but themselves for having to start the playoffs on the Left Coast. Partying all night in Boston after they win the division, A-Rod playing poker with his boys. Did they not realize that Sunday's game actually meant something? That this scenario could have played out? I'm a huge Torre fan, but he dropped the ball on this one. I understand the need to get Mussina some rest, but the entire team seemed to be going half speed as soon as the Sox went up 2-0. I hope they enjoy the OC because that's what they're getting tonight and tomorrow.

And all these snipes at Buck by the Yanks for pulling his starters early in Sunday's game need to stop. The Yanks should have pummeled Schilling and avoided this scenario all together. If you handle your business, you don't have to worry about how somebody else handles theirs.

I will say this about Buck though. He can no longer take the high road and play the "conscience of playing the game the right way" anymore. After tanking it on Sunday with a 4-1 lead, he gave a huge middle finger to the A-Rod and Steinbrenner. George unfairly gave him the boot after the 1995 season and he and A-Rod didn't have the best relationship in Texas. By losing Sunday, he stuck it to the Yankees in a big way. By doing that, however, he can no longer lecture anyone on the right way or talk about how some player is disrespecting the game by wearing their hat backward like he did to Griffey, Jr over a decade ago. If tanking the last game of the season to stick it to a rival isn't disrespecting the game...then I don't know what is.

This was an awesome back page by the Daily News

Moose, you've gotten more than enough rest. No more excuses. Time to step up.


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