Sunday, October 09, 2005

Not.... In.... Our.... House!

It was a long day for me since I went to the Jets/Bucs game and followed it up with the Yanks/Halos nightcap. I'm beat. But I wanted to post something before I crashed.

We can never do things easily can we? Wow, an unbelievable game tonight. But I can't take much more of this.

At least we didn't have to see another team celebrate on our field. For now, at least. Chacon, Leiter (never thought I'd say that) and Mo made sure of that. Plus we preserved the rest of the staff so we'll have all hands on deck for tomorrow just in case. And the Angels had to use Shields and Escobar for extended work so that has to hurt them a bit for Game 5.

The crowd was so amped after the game. They want blood for tomorrow. We have to finish them off. Payback for 2002. Make all those Dodger fans who want to trade in their blue for Angel Red think twice.

Time for the Death Star to make a little trip to the O.C.....

I'm beat. More in the morning.....


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