Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hello. I'm Darth Marc and I'm an Alcoholic.

Well actually, I'm just a drunk. Alcoholics have to go those damned meetings and I'm too busy at the bar to ever go. Plus I keep forgetting the times. I guess it's the alcohol destroying brain cells thing that I keep hearing about.....

I came to this conclusion after last night's debacle. I go to my friend Julie's Birthday dinner at Dinosaur BBQ last night in Harlem. I drink nothing but Sweet Teas all night and figure after a quick trip to Blondies' for a drink, I'll make it an early night. Get a early start on the day and hit the gym after a long hiatus.

That was before countless bottles of Red Stripe given to me by Deuce The Infidel, several shots of whatever because of Jules' Birthday and our football buddy Jill's bachelorette party, and two shots of Black Haus with Infidel Eddie and Deuce.

I look at the Blondie's clock in the dining room and it says 3:45!! Once again, I close the bar. After a rather eventful drive to the Times Square train station (another story for another time) by Infidel Eddie and I end up at home just before 5 am. My buddy and Imperial Council member Steve Mack would say that's awesome. I'd say that I'm a friggin mess. And enjoying it wayyy too much.


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