Friday, July 15, 2005

Man Up Fat Boy!! This is Chess, Not Checkers!!!

I think that's a great look for the Savoir of Infidel Nation.

Regardless of what happens for the rest of the year, I'm going to enjoy this win for a number of reasons. Reason #1; there are very few athletes who I hate more than Curt Schilling. This Born-Again, Bush Loving jackass with verbal diarhea took shots at A-Rod all winter. This after he was recruiting Alex to come to the Infidels the year before!!

This act of two-faced rat bastardness is only surpassed by his non-testimony in front of Congress on the steroid issue. After mouthing off about that whole issue for years, he finally has a chance to really shed some light on the issue and he's mum.

To call him a phony is an insult to phonies. Last night was payback. This weasel rat bastard and his bitch ass cronies kept mouthing off vs Alex all winter, taking all the bait the media gave them to fuel the fire. After all the chirping those Tweeties were doing, A-Rod and the boys finally answered....with their bats.

Great win. But we can't stop there. We have to get the Death Star into position to destroy the Third World Infidels. With our pitching staff in shambles, we have to continue to pummel pitchers just to stay afloat. This team is really showing me something by staying in this thing. It would be too easy for them to fold right now. If we can get anything from Redding tonight, we can eventually pummel that fat bastard drunk Wells and pull it out in the later innings. Don't let up on these bastards , boys. Keep it going.

You gotta wonder what Francona was thinking by putting Schilling in in the ninth against maybe the best 3-4-5 tandem in all of baseball. You're talking about three guys who each have at least 70 RBI's between them....and he's supposed to come off the DL and deal with that? That's not baptism by fire, that's getting thrown into an active volcano butt naked. Damon's still an idiot but maybe he was on to something when he said Timlin should close until Foulke gets back. As bad as our rotation is, their bullpen is just as bad. If they keep pitching like this, Damon is going to be looking like this all series....

and we'll have more celebrations like this at home plate....


Blogger Kat said...

SCREW YOU CURTASS! and you bloody ass sock too!

7:18 AM  

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