Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mid-Season Venting

I don't know if you all have had a chance to read Sheffield's latest rants, here it is in today's Daily News and the NY Post.

You gotta love Sheff. Some people just love drama and turmoil. Even when he has a valid point, he comes off like an angry dickhead. I actually agree with him on the whole World Games mess, but to interject the whole money issue makes him look like a greedy jackass. Your body is your investment and you have to protect it. But mentioning money is always the quickest way to get folks to turn against you.

The average joe can't relate to anyone making the cheddar that Sheff and the rest of the team brings in a year. Much less a career. He's his own worst enemy as always. You wonder why a guy with his talent has played for as many teams as he has. You need to look no further than what was said today. He's a beast on the field..maybe the scariest hitter we've had here in 20 years. But I can do without the drama. Really, I can.

I like that he's standing up for A-Rod though. Thumbs up.

Interesting article by Peter Gammons. Doesn't break any new ground, but has some good points. I'm pissed off that ESPN is putting his articles on the insider page and making you pay for any old ones. That sucks. They did that with Rob Neyer and they're doing that with old Bill Simmons articles as well. Greedy bastards.

One of the things that Gammons mentions is the Yankees possibly getting Jay Payton from Oakland once the trade goes through with the Sux. I wouldn't be against that for half a season provided we wouldn't have to give up much. Having an experienced fourth outfielder isn't a bad thing. The fact that he hates Francona and the Sux makes it even better. You can do worse than having Payton batting ninth for your team.

If you saw the All-Star festivities last night, what's up with Damon and Piazza making out like Josie & The Pussycats rejects? I really hate Rock Bands at sporting events but seeing those two jackasses up there was hilarious. The fact that infidels everywhere had to watch star players from their teams make fools of themselves was awesome. What's next, Piazza writing another love letter to Rush Limbaugh?

And since when did Damon become the next Rickey Henderson? He's a very good player who's having a career year, but if the Yanks go after this idiot, I'll scream. He's an OK fielder with a weak arm. He has some pop in his bat. He'll steal some bases for you, but he's overrated, overrated, overrated. Always beware of players who are playing their asses off in a contract year(see Carl Pavano). He's been a good player for Boston, but since he has his ring, I would hardly be surprised to see him tank it next year with whoever he's playing for.

It is wrong, wrong, wrong for the MLB to determine who has home-field for the World Series by the winner of an exhibition game. This was the stupidest idea that MLB has come up with yet. Why not give it to the team with the best record? Obviously, everyone doesn't play everyone else, like in basketball or hockey. But it's a much a fairer solution than letting Billy Wagner and Pudge Rodriguez decide who plays where in the Fall Classic.

Or here's an idea, why not go back to the old way where the teams alternate homefield every year!! What a brilliant concept.

Bud Selig has been a better commissioner than anyone is willing to give him credit for publicly. But he could fuck up a wet dream. He still has no idea how market the game to consumers in the way that Basketball and Football have. As a result, he's lost some of the best black athletes to those sports. It's great that you're expanding your scouting to the Carribean and the Far East. But the best pool of athletes is still in the states and you're losing them to other sports. You're also losing potential customers by not attracting American blacks as well.

Jackie Robinson's arrival to the majors in 1947 is the most significant moment in American sports in the 20th century. And one of the most significant moments in American history, period. It changed the face of American sports and within 20 years the sport was changed forever for the better. Why would you neglect that fanpool and talent base? It's stupid and has to change.

I can't give the Yankees any better than a C- as a midterm grade. I love the way they're playing as a team and how they've seem to come together through this horrible start. But they have to overtake the Sox before I believe that they're for real.


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