Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What Sort Of Baby Were You?

Before I get into it, I wanted to give a shout out to my Yankee buddy K-Bisch, who survived her first visit to Castle Grayskull aka Fenway Park. If you want to read her funny take on her trip to the badlands... take a look at her site.

Now on to the business at hand. I was talking with a friend of mine in my office who's a wreck after hearing about Luther Vandross' passing. And it lead to this discussion; whose music were you conceived to. She (we'll call her Cubbie vixen) thinks that she's Teddy Pendergrass baby or a Marvin Gaye. I'm a touch older so I'm probably a early Roberta Flack kid. So what were your parent grooving to when you came into existence? Was it Marvin? Prince? Smokey? Luther? For the Rock and Roll crowd was it Zeppelin "Stairway To Heaven"? Rod Stewart? Peter Frampton? Let me know. Although if you say the Carpenters, as much as I like them, I will have to laugh at you. "On the day that you were born, the angels got together...and decided to create dream come true..." Hilarious. Too cheesy for words.


Blogger Karen said...

1) Castle Grayskull might be the awesomest name for Fenway EVER. There were Skeletors everywhere.

2)Probably the Doobie Brothers, something off the Takin' it to the Streets album.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

It's gray and blah just like Castle Grayskull. And there probably were no hot chicks in feathers like the Sorceress either. A lot of Evil-Lyns and Skeletors though. LOL.

Doobie Brothers were awesome! Great band!

5:14 PM  

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