Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bernie Baseball

The Yankees are turning into some real drama queens lately. What happened to those easy 11-2, 8-0 wins? Beggars can't choosers, but goddamn.

Moose was mediocre but at least he kept them in the game unlike Big Useless on Friday. I'm glad he battled through it, but why does everything have to be perfect with Moose? If one little thing is off, you can expect a long night. He drives me nuts. He's too much of a diva for me.

But it was a good win to keep us in pace with the Sux who won tonight vs the Jays. Nice to see Womack get a big hit in that situation. But it was great to see Bernie Baseball have a huge 4 hit night...including 5 RBIs. Huge.

I'm going to go ahead and say this right now. Bernie should be the full time DH if Giambi is playing first base. He might not be able to play the field everyday, but he can still hit. And if he doesn't have to play the field everyday, that should keep him a little fresher when he hits.

I'm might be a tad biased because Bernie is my favorite player on the team right now. But I think there's enough evidence to back me up. He can still get around on the flame-throwers and he has a great batting eye. Hopefully, Joe goes with it.

Pavano was scratched because of a sore shoulder for tommorrow's start. Wang goes instead. Ugh. As up and down as Carl's been, the last thing we need is another starter on the shelf. Hopefully it's nothing serious.


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