Saturday, July 02, 2005

Venus' Revival, Luther's Closet

Before I get to tonight's game, I want to talk about Venus Williams thrilling win vs Lindsay (Joe Rockhead) Davenport. Great match, the longest ladies' finals match in Wimbledon history. A 9-7 third set. At the gym, the only place to watch the match was near the exercise bikes, so I had to stay on the bike for about 20 minutes until the match was over. Hopefully her win over Bighead will spur her onto better things. It just goes to show that when they're healthy and focused on tennis, noone can beat the Williams sisters consistently. It doesn't matter how little Russian vixens you strut out there, the Queens from Compton will have something fo' they ass.

I just wish they'd stop trying to be models and actresses and focus on tennis. That's their bread and butter. I'm not trying to take any money out of their pockets, but neither of them are cute enough to be commodities outside of tennis if they don't win. If they win, fine, the endorsements will be there. But they'll never make Anna Kournikova or Gabriella Sabatini endorsement money. Hottie money. Men would watch their matches and could care less who wins or loses. Serena ain't that cute and Venus ain't even close. Ghetto booties or not, they need to win for people to care. If they don't win, well, they won't starve...but don't expect Hollywood to be knockin' either.

Big ups and respect to Luther Vandross, who passed away yesterday. While Luther was never one of my favorite singers, his music has gotten me lucky on many a night. When you're trying to score, you go with what works and Luther always closed the deal. The only deal closers that were as good or better were Marvin and Prince. There are a lot baby-daddies who are regretting that they put Luther on on that fateful night. He was the man. I preferred early Luther to the pop Luther of the late 90's and 2000's. Early Luther (Big Luther) wrote a lot of his own stuff and was maybe the best cover artist of the last 25 years. His rendition of "A House is not a Home" is one of the 10 greatest covers ever. He got a little cheesy in the later years, but he was trying to crossover, soI won't hold that against him. Great voice, great artist. He will be missed.

But now that he's dead, can someone please let him out of the closet?? Please? Not one obit did I read mention anything about his sexuality. The Daily News called him a "lifelong bachelor". Lifelong bachelor??? What the hell does that mean? I understand respecting someone's privacy, but the only artists who were gayer than Luther were Elton, George Michael, the Late Sylvester and Fred Schneider from the B-52's. And all of them are or were out. People have known he's been gay for years and he still sold 30 million records. He wasn't fooling anyone in any of those videos.

Normally, I could care less about stuff like this. But I hope that his family will publicly acknowledge what everyone has known all along.


Blogger Metstradamus said...

I get you on the Williams sisters and their outside activities. But at a certain point, Venus and Serena are just getting old in tennis years and shouldn't be faulted for that. A part of me wants to say that hey, they've done so much for tennis and yes, their focus on outside activites may have cost them a couple of championships here and there. But at this point it's unfair to say that if they lose it's because they're not focused, because it is increasingly a younger woman's game. All of these women from Seles to Hingis to the Williams sisters to Sharapova rose to the top younger than anyone expected, and besides Sharapova (for now) fell sooner as well. That's what makes Steffi Graf's and Martina Navratilova's accomplishments all the more amazing. The Williams sisters have been so dominant that if they do fall off, I wouldn't necessarily put it on them for not focusing...not at this point in their careers. And today proves it's not over for them by any means (yet).

Did I just write a riff on women's tennis? What's wrong with me? Any beach volleyball you want me to comment on? Go Misty May!

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