Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Fuggly Win

Normally, I hate the sports/sex analogies, because the only people who compare sports to sex are people who have never had sex. However, because I'm in a bit of a mischievous/malicious sort of mood...so I'm going to go there and do just that.

If a cleanly played 5-0 complete game shutout is the baseball win equivalent of hooking up with Halle Berry (for the ladies', let's say Brad Pitt or for Yankees vixens Tino or Jeter) then yesterday's win vs the O's is the equivalent of hooking up with Roseanne Barr (or a coked out David Wells)

It gets the job done but it's not something you'd ever brag about.

It was a fuggly win...fucking ugly. I learned two new things about my boys from the win. One, Tanyon Sturtze is no longer a starter and two, our middle/long relief is atrocious. It was great to see them get to BJ Ryan for the win and Foulke blew another game for the Sux last night vs Texas. But even though we're only four out, I would love to see us put two quality starts together in a row. Hopefully Unit can recover from that debacle Friday in Motown and put together a good effort today.


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