Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bret Boone Crying Like A Little Bitch

Props to Paul Katcher for catching this...

If you haven't seen this, you have to see one of the great infidels of all time, Bret Boone crying like a little candyass.

If you've been asleep like I have for the last week, here's a little write up on Boooney's departure. UGH....

I say we pick him up if he's available. He could be a useful player down the stretch run as a bench player if he were to accept that role with a team. Kind of like Olerud was. I'd hate to see Sux get him.

The dark side of the force is flexing its muscles once again. You already know about the infighting going in New England in Infidel nation. Now the best pitcher in the AL, Roy "Doc" Halladay will be out for a month with a broken leg.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Now if we win today and the O's can get one more game vs the Sux...that puts us at 2 1/2 back at the All-Star break. We start off the second half with a HUGE, HUGE four game series at Fenway that could change the balance of power in the division this year.

We'll finally see what this team is made of...finally.


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