Saturday, July 16, 2005

Melky Way Has Melted

After last night debacle, Bernie is back where he belongs...centerfield. The kid might end up becoming a star, but he's not ready. Last night's Inside-The Park Homer by one of the slowest men ever, Trot Nixon, displayed that this kid has no business being in Centerfield for the Empire. Someday, just not now. Better to take him out now before his confidence is totally destroyed then continue with this foolishness.

Al Leiter is probably going to start for us tomorrow. I don't how to feel about that. I guess anything's better thanRedding or May. There are some players who are 4-A players. They're better the than most Triple A players, but they have no business being in the majors. That's what Redding and May are. You can't get but so angry at them, because they're just not that good. That's why I'm not as surprised about what happened last night. Good teams are supposed to do that to 4-A pitchers. What is frustrating is that those guys never gave us a chance to compete.

The game was almost over before it started. Good pitchers like Moose may have rough patches, but you can count on them to stop the bleeding and keep the damage minimal, like he did on Thursday. We were hemmohraging last night and it never stopped. A team that hits like the Yanks just needs a pitcher to keep them in the games. Dominating is nice, but as long as they don't allow anymore than 5 or 6 runs, then we have a chance more times than not. Hopefully Al can keep us in the ballgames. 5 runs is better than 17.


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