Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Death Star's First Stop: Tiggeran

Tiggers are wonderful things.

As long as they don't look like that after Sunday.

I was surprised to hear Sunday from my friend and diehard Detroit fan YDB, that we were playing. I was sure they'd win the division and start the playoffs at Comerica against the A's. I thought that their Cinderella story would end in the ALCS at Yankee Stadium in a week or so. A nice way for the season to end for a fanbase that's been starving for a winner for a while.

Now, on top of their late collapse that cost them the division, they're going to be the first postseason victim of the Yankees Death Star lineup. Sad, quite sad.

A lot is being made of Alex Rodriguez batting sixth in the order. This is a bad thing? You can invert that damn thing and it wouldn't matter. I believe Joe when he says that he wants to split the lefties up. But I also think Torre did this to give Alex a little kick in the ass for the beginning of the playoffs. Give him some food for motivation. A pissed off A-Rod is not something an opposing pitcher wants to see this postseason.

Detroit's rotation concerns me to be sure. Even Rogers. I know everyone wants to dog him after 1996 and 1999. But he was hurt in 1996. Plus, Leyland, being the great manager he is, decided to pitch him at home rather than at Yankee Stadium. I think he always planned to do this. Which is why he threw him in relief on Sunday.
I'm just glad we don't have to see Oakland until the second round. In a long series, I think we win. A short series is a lot harder to predict, particularly with that rotation. Zito just outdueled Santana and he doesn't even have the best stuff on that staff. Whoa.

This postseason is not a given for the Yankees. I love our lineup and bullpen. But if we had one more starting pitcher that could give us a consistent seven, I'd be ready to book a trip down the Canyon of Heroes. It's now going to be more of challenge for New York with two starters and a gimpy Randy Johnson.If you want to be mad at someone, get pissed at Pavano. Having another experienced postseason arm on the roster could be a huge difference maker. Ask the Mets.

More later...off to the game.


Blogger Jim said...

long time (and no internet access) and no talk. i have such a good feeling about this team it's sick. there isn't a team out there that can take us down. pinstripes forever.

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