Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wang Wins As Jesus Saves

I don't need to say who I'm talking about now do I?

It was nice to see the boys win with half the team resting and Wang winning his 18th. But it was even sweeter to see Mo Christ strike out the side for the first time in over three weeks.

Call me blasphemer if you want. I'm already damned for a lot worse than that.

I had a feeling that they were just being extra cautious with Rivera since they had a big lead. If there's an opportunity to give him three weeks rest before playoffs begin, why not do it?

But still, you don't if someone is ok until they perform. So it was nice to get that first one out of the way. And just in time. I don't if anyone has taken a look at the updated standings. But there's a new sheriff in town and he doesn't live in Queens. Having Mo back means we can fight for homefield throughout the playoffs while getting him some needed work. It's nice when things come together like that.

The other event in this game was the return of Gary Sheffield and the way he handled playing first. You figure that his timing at the plate would be a little off. But that will come soon enough.

What impressed me was the way he handled the routine plays at first. Including a couple of nice scoops out of the dirt. Having Sheffield would mean that the Death Star offense we've all been waiting for would be complete. A team where you have Bernie, Melky, Wilson, Cairo and Guiel as your bench. Not bad.

A lineup with speed, power and patience at the top. H-bomb explosiveness in the middle. And solid professional hitters at the bottom. No holes. No little ducts to shoot photon torpedoes down.

The problems come on when they're in the field. Matsui is adequate in left, but doesn't give you arm strength that Cabrera has. And neither Sheffield nor Giambi remind anyone of Donnie Baseball.

If they can give us average defense, what we get in offense more than makes up for it.

Nice to see Wang get another W tonight. He was using his changeup and slider as an out pitch to get some K's. I doubt that we're seeing the second coming of Bob Gibson, but it would be nice to see him strike a few guys out just keep batters honest.

I would love for Torre to tease us with the Death Star a couple of times before playoffs begin. Come on, Joe! Please??


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