Sunday, September 10, 2006

No A-Rod? No Giambi? No Problem....

Because we've got Jeter, Wang, and Wright.

A couple of points before the Giants game begins.

Wang should get serious consideration for the AL Cy Young this year. Johan Santana probably won it with today's performance against the Tigers. But he deserves to finish in the top three or five in the voting. Doesn't matter how he gets guys out. All that matters is that they go to the dugout empty-handed.

Jeter's having a great month but I wouldn't be surprised if Jermaine Dye wins the MVP. Particularly if the Sox win the wild-card. He will probably win the batting title unless Torre decides to rest him down the stretch.

The Orioles will never again compete for a title until Peter Angelos sells the team.

Wright should be the game four starter in a playoff series, if the situation warrants. He deserves it. He hasn't gotten through the seventh inning in a start, but he's a battler who will keep you in the game more times than not. 10 wins this year. That's 10 more than we got out of Carl Pavano. They could do a whole lot worse than Jaret. He has better stuff than Lidle and has more playoff experience. The Yankees should also consider exercising his third year option.

10 games up, 11 in the loss column and 11 as the magic number. Nuff said.


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