Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hating The OC Right Now....

Just hating it...

Outside of their bullpen, nothing stands out on this team. Their starting pitching is good but not great. Their offense is average at best. The defense is the worst in the league. Yet noone gives us fits like the Angels. We're 51-54 against them during the Torre era, even when this team is a longshot for the playoffs.

Thank goodness, for small blessing I guess.

A-Rod was this close to capturing a platinum sombrero last night. He actually did get it over two games because he struck out to end Thursday's game and four straight to begin Friday's game.

Alex, if you're sick sit out until you're better. You're not doing anyone any good by going out there until you're ready. He tried to do it earlier in the year and it took a month to get out of the slump. Sit your ass out until you're better. Stupid, just stupid.

Dotel got squeezed last night. That should have been strike three last night. Instead, it was ball three and a full count. He gets that strike out, we get out of that inning and possibly win the game. The ump's strike zone last night was all over the place. Horrible job.

I'm out...Kevin Kennedy and Jeannie Zelasko are blowing Derek Jeter right now, which means the game is about to start.

More later...


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