Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"It's not fair. Those guys are not playing around..." ``This whole series has been a nightmare."

No, David...they aren't. And yes, it was.

Six millions way to die, Papi. Choose one.

Apparently for tonight's loss, they went with pitching duel. Didn't go too well for the infidels.

The best part of the Sux losing like this is the reaction of the "Nation". Noone does angst like the folks in New England. I don't know if it's because of the rabid, claustrophobic media situation which is more intense than New York in many ways or the fact that New England is the most literate section of the country. But whatever it is, it's highly entertainining to read and watch what's going to come out of the "Nation" in the next few days. Take a look at this picture courtesy of the Boston Dirt Dogs.

Pick up the Globe, the Herald or ProJo to see what I'm talking about. Read Bill Simmons on ESPN 2, that is if he's not become a complete soccer mom and stops writing about the English premier league, then this could get very interesting.

I wonder what the Nation will have to say about Manny pulling a Roberto Duran? Francona will never throw him under the bus, but you have to wonder...

I'm ecstatic that the boys are playing to their potential instead of the opponents. But I need more. I want expect nothing less than a 4-2 roadtrip on the Left Coast. I don't think that it's unreasonable. I know that the Angels give us fits and Seattle isn't the Royals, but I feel it's time for the Yankees to start flexing their muscles and show what potential playoff opponents can expect.

Six more games boys til your next day off. Keep it going til' then...

More later.....


Blogger FenwayParked said...

I was kind of surprised to find you alone with your thoughts as I visit today. Here to take my lumps as it were hoping at the same time I might find a sliver of light that might perhaps guide me to a true, intelligent discourse on the grand old game.
I was also wondering if this is how Yankee fans felt after Game 7 in the '04 ALCS. You remember that don't you?
The acknowledged except for here perhaps the greatest comeback in sports history.
I also want to note that there was not one reference to the Red Sox injury situation in you musings. When the Yankees were something of a MASH unit it was a topic often discussed here.
Manny pulling a "No Mas?" I heard he had dinner reservations w/ Mussina and his sore little groin.
Boy, I'm starting to sound small here. The one thing that did surprise me as game 5 ended was the reaction in the dugout.I've always felt Joe Torre was a class act. Celebrating like that? I expect it out of Bowa the classless little runt, but not Joe.
And read up about the Boston Massacre will you? The British won the day but not the war. The Bostonians were Patriots standing up to another "evil empire."

6:10 AM  

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