Monday, August 21, 2006

Death Takes A Holiday In New England

Figures I had to be in the Midwest watching Cubs-Cardinals Friday, when the carnage began. Outside of the the first couple of innings of games 1 and 2 on Friday, I missed all the action from the 2006 version of the Boston Massacre.

Until Sunday night.

To quote Terry Funk, "What else can you say but ouch?!?"

Not to be non-chalant about what's happened this weekend. I'm as excited as the next member of the empire. When your chief rival throws their ace and their closer at you to stop the bleeding and still can't get it done, I giggle just a little thinking about the infidels pulling out their Brady jerseys because they've written off the last six weeks.

But sports fans, this is what the Yankees are supposed to do to a team like this.

Take a look at the Yankees and look at the Sox. Boston is a team surviving on fumes right now. They have one decent starter and one reliable guy in the bullpen. That's it. The middle is a big mess. The Sox are a better defensive team this year, but they don't have enough offense to compensate for what passes for pitching in New England these days. Joe Morgan was dead-on tonight when he said that the Yankees massacre mediocre pitching. What do you think they do bad pitching?

See exhibits 1-4 from this weekend.

Personally, I would have thought that anything less than four of five this series would have been a disappointment. This is what Schilling was talking about in June when the Yanks were banged up and he said that they should take advantage of it by building a big lead in the standings. Problem was, the Bombers did just enough to stay alive in the race. They got healthy, made some moves like the Abreu trade while Epstein and company did almost nothing at the trade deadline as his team got banged up.

Epstein might have to change his digits to an unlisted number if this continues.

I'm loving the fact that they're not letting up on the infidels. To complete the sweep by beating Fat Boy Wells today won't knock them completely out of the playoff mix, but it'll take a 2004 type comeback to get them back into the conversation.

If they lose this afternoon, they could be five games out of the wild card and six and half out of the division race. With six weeks to go, it gives them plenty of time to make that up, but as banged up as they are, no victory is a given. They're going to have to hope the teams ahead of them cool down while they try to scratch out every victory.

I'm never going to completely count out any team with Papi, Manny and Schilling. But the Yankees, White Sox and Twins are flat out better than Boston right now. I would take the Angels and A's over them right now.

They throw everything they had at the Yankees this weekend. They had late inning leads on Friday night and Sunday. And they have nothing to show for it.

I don't care who you are, that has to wear on a team. I know folks want to bring up 2004. But 2004 didn't happen by accident. The Yankees had nothing left in the tank pitching wise and the Sox took advantage. Now the tables have turned. The Yankees are getting healthier and could have reinforcements coming in September.

It's not double digits, but I'll take it for now. I can't wait til the 'Nation rebels against Tito and company. They love eating their own.

Why is this a story?

Who care if they like each other or not? I don't know of anyone that likes all of their co-workers so why should we hold them by a different standard?

Let it go, Mike, let it go....


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