Saturday, August 05, 2006

Playing The Part of Riddler In Tonight's Episode....Randy Johnson

I was nervous that I would regret talking Jorge Posada up as one of the best all-around catchers in baseball yesterday. Thank you, Chris Ray.

My blog buddy Kat, however, won't be happy when she reads this. Sorry doll. We need the pitching.

This blog would not have been a fun place to be had the Yankees given Bruce Chen his first win of the year. And for the first few frames, it looked like Randy Johnson was trying to do just that. Joe thinks that this might be an after-effect of his 130 pitch start against the Mariners a couple of starts ago. A game that Johnson lost 3-2.

I'm not going to second guess Torre for pushing Johnson in the way that he did. If you remember, the Yankees were coming off an extra inning game and Johnson's start was a day game which means a very, very short turnaround. The bullpen was on fumes and the Yankees needed Johnson to go as long as possible.

But it does mean that the need for pitching at this point of the season means that players like Bubba are a luxury we can't afford right now. He's a good fielder and baserunner. But his light bat made him expendable. Even with the addition of Abreu and imminent return of Robby Cano next week, we can't afford to give away any at bats. With a one game lead in the division and the Sox struggling to beat teams like Tampa and Cleveland, it's a prime opportunity to create some space between them in the division. With a five game season looming with them in a couple of weeks at Fenway, I don't think it would be an overstatement if I said the entire season could be decided this month.

In addition to five at Boston, we have seven games against the Angels and six total against Chicago and Detroit. 18 games against potential playoff opponents.

That's not even counting five more against Baltimore and three at Seattle.

It means there are no gimmes this month. No time to become complacent. If someone's not hitting like Bubba, he's gotta go like Johnny Cakes. We have a down month, September could be a moot point.

Feel good stories have no place in pennant races like this. The last two months will be like the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. Hesitate...insert cap in ass.

Bernie at 38, is not the ideal backup centerfielder. But he can fill in a pinch and he still has something left in his bat. I liked Bubba, but I can live with the decision. I'm hoping they find a way to bring back Guiel when the roster expand. I like his bat off the bench.

Keep the line moving Moose. Keep it going.


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