Sunday, July 30, 2006

Going To Bed With Halle Berry...Waking Up With Mo'Nique...

That's what it felt like watching Friday and Saturday's games. The exhilaration of a complete game shutout....the disgust of getting beaten 19-5 by the the D-Rays. Thankfully, I had to leave home in the fifth to go watch the Baby Yankees play the Baby Mets in Coney Island. Otherwise I might have had to write this post from jail on account of my trashing my building.

I understand that the Rays lineup gives Johnson fits. But can he at least be comepetitive? Four or five runs in six or seven innings I can understand. Nine in three plus is a bit ridiculous.

If we could find a way for Unit to avoid the Jays, the Mets and the Rays....

On top of all this, I have to read that the Yankees are getting a dog from Philly. And not even a pitbull!!

Seriously, if we give up Proctor to make this happen, it's a bad move. Yes, it would be nice to get another professional bat into the lineup. And Abreu could be rejuvenated in Yankee Stadium being lefthanded with his high OBP. He could well thrive here getting out of Philly just as Scott Rolen did. He doesn't have to be the man here. Just one of many stars.

But to give up one of your best arms in the bullpen when your eighth inning guy has a balky back and you don't know if Dotel is coming back is very, very dangerous. Especially when your top two starters are 42 and 38.

I know we need offense, but we can't sacrifice pitching in the process. We just can't. Not with the way AL teams punish bullpens.

This latest story says that Proctor isn't apart of the deal. I hope not. While I'm not enamored over giving up prospects for a player who's possibly only a rental, I can live with this...for now.

It's 3-2 bottom of the fifth right now and I have two things to say about this game in progress.

A-Rod, you cannot let a rookie pitcher strike you out on three pitches after he's intentionally walked Giambi to put runners on first and third with one out. You cannot. You are a first ballot Cooperstown guy. When rookies and their managers do this, you make them pay. You don't make them look like the friggin second coming of Seaver and Hodges.

Moose, when you get a bad call or an error against you that could've gotten you of an inning, you make a good pitch and get out of it. You don't give up the damn store and whine. You man up and pick up your teammates. I'm tired of these two out rallies by Tampa.

More later....


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