Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kris F***ing Wilson???

Let me get this straight....It's 4-3 after Glaus' homer in the third. It's two on, one out and Ponson, an innings eater is in there. Why you decide to put him on such a short leash is beyond me, but Torre decides to take him out. Manager's perogative. Maybe he sees something we don't. Ponson struck out five , but he did give up two bombs so maybe after 57 pitches, Joe wanted to bring someone in to keep it at one.

But Kris Wilson???? Villone and Chacon are available, and you bring in someone who these guys know can't throw the ball by them? Torre must be a lot of fun at barbeques. Medium rare? What's that?

Win or lose....this game is pissing me off.

By the way....Thanks Moose for coming to A-Rod defense. Don't think his back has quite healed though from when you backed your Cherokee over him the other day though. Or was Dr.Z driving?

This is why pitchers are rarely team leaders. Is it Alex's fault that Moose gave up those hits to Catalonotto and Glaus that gave the Jays the lead the first place? Or the bomb that Rivera gave to Wells? Guys don't dog you when you get bombed. Give me them the same respect when they struggle.


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