Friday, July 07, 2006

Maybe Kissing Your Sister Isn't So Bad.....

After getting beaten by a combine score of 24-3, a little baseball inbreeding isn't such a bad thing.

For all its flaws, this Yankee team is proving to be a very tough out. They're extremely opportunistic offensively....pouncing on the mistakes of their opponents. Combine that with solid pitching performances by Randy Johnson and Mike Mussina, and you have a split in a four game series when you could have rolled over and been swept. You destroyed any momentum the Indians might have had in their July 4th rout and gain a game on the Sox in the standings. Plus you hurt a hated rival's playoff chances. Fun times.

The title of my last post still holds true. And any sort of good feelings can erased in an instant if they don't win in Tampa. You have Wright, Wang and Chacon going in the dome....and with the pouting that Shawn's doing over the way he's being used, who knows who will pitch on Sunday.

If I were Chacon, I'd go in Torre's office and make peace. Then, I would keep my mouth shut and hope it's enough for me to get another start before the All-Star break.

With the Sox going to Chicago to play their black kinsmen, we have a great chance to gain some more ground on the infidels. Tampa did us a great service beating them three out of four. Now it's time to bring them back to reality.

I see a lot of crooked numbers on the scoreboard in Tampa this weekend. Not necessarily a good thing....


Blogger Kat said...

driving home from work, i was listening to the joe torre report on mike and the mad dog. joe seemed ok with chacon. when asked if chacon was ok with everything, joe one lined it and said "yeah". so..... being the class act that joe is, he would never poopoo any of his players. god , i love him.

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