Friday, June 23, 2006

The Emperor Has A Message For Cole Hamels...

Welcome to the Death Star, infidel....hope you survived the experience....

Seriously, this kid is good. Nice heater, excellent breaking stuff, wicked changeup. He's going to be something special in a couple of years. But he's no Liriano or Kazmir. And he's certianly not worth all the hype Phnatic fans having been gushing on him. He froze several Yankees with that changeup of his. But you get the impression, that he'd probably get lit up the second or third time around.

If you want to see what a young phenom is supposed to look like, watch the highlight of Liriano pitching against Clemens last night in the rubber game of the Twins-Astros series. Here he is, pitching opposite of the first appearance of the season of one of the five greatest pitchers post World War II. And he delivers his best performance of the year, outshining the return of an immortal. That's money, folks. With him, Santana, Morneau and Mauer, the Twins are set for the next decide. That trade they made to get him in 2003, (AJ Pierzynski for Nathan and Liriano) might be the most lopsided trade of the last 10 years. Very Kazmir-esqued. Even worse, when you consider that the Twins got a top flight closer and a starter, while the Giants traded Pierzynski a year later because everyone in the clubhouse hated him. If they could ever get another big bat, wow.

I would love it if Wang or Phillip Hughes developed into a tandem like that. I'm tired of the Yankees shelling out all that money for free agents pitchers who don't pitch.

The Yankees finished this latest 3-3. Not bad on its face, except when you consider the fact that they easily could have gone 5-1. The only game I reluctantly concede is the Myers-Johnson game Monday. And we had our fair shares of shots in that game as well. Speaking of Myers, I understand of having to face Manny and Papi is a little daunting. But do you have to take it out on your wife? Relax, brah. Relax.

I know the Marlins are playing well now. But the Yankees should still win this series handily. Winning series is nice, but I think this team needs a sweep to get to the next level. I would love to get a nice streak of eight in a row going into the Mets series next weekend. It would put pressure on the Red Sox and up the stakes for the Subway Series. The Marlins are the Marlins and the Braves are hot garbage. There's no reason why the Yankees can't string a nice win streak together.

If the Yankees are going to the playoffs, they have to learn how to feast on the bad teams. And that means sweeps, not two out of three. Two of three is fine when you're playing a string of good teams. You have to sweep the bad teams.

Let's hope the roll continues tonight.


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