Friday, June 09, 2006

Perspective From Middle America

Before I start today's post, take a look at this post by No-Maas that my buddy Karen gave me a heads up on. It totally shows the Sports guy for the fraud (my favorite is where he calls Ortiz Simmons' goomah) that he is when it comes to talking about baseball, the Yankees and A-Rod. This should be required reading for everyone in the empire. I know he opened my eyes to some things. Who says Yankees fans don't know their baseball? Nice work.

I just wish I had read this after witnessing a Yankee win over Schilling and his merry group of infidels rather than a loss where Alex made a critical error in the field and struck out to end the game. But maybe it was important for me to read it today rather than after Monday or Tuesday's win. It's times like these when we need perspective, not when things are going well.

I just hate losing to the Red Sox and especially hate losing to Schilling. He's a phony of the first order. As I've said before, the way that he and the rest of the merry band of hypocrites lobbied to get A-Rod into Boston (selling the face of their franchise, Nomar, down the river in the process)and then turn around and act as if they never wanted him in the first and how they never would have won if he had gone there, is one of the most sickening reversals in recent memory.

I can understand the hatred. Hell, I embrace it. The hypocrisy is what bothers me. I more than anyone want A-Rod to come through if for no other reason than to shut all the haters up. But this will continue to be an issue until he and the Yankees win it all. I was even getting grief about A-Rod from Cardinals fans who now think he's a choke artist thanks to Simmons and others. The remarks stopped when I reminded them that their beloved RedBirds not only got the Love Train run on them by not only the Red Sox....but Giants, the Astros and the lowly Mets in recent years.

In the meantime, I just have to remember to take my meds and not overreact everytime somebody gives me grief about A-Rod and he strikes out with the bases loaded.

Whatever issues we might have in the empire right now, I'd still deal with this than be a Cardinals fan. This view of the city might be the only good thing going on in the land of the Redbirds. They looked next to lifeless against the Reds in the last two games of the series. Only Eckstein and Rolen seemed to have a pulse out there.

But that's the least of their worries. On top trailing the Reds by a half game in the standings after getting beat by a combined 14-4 score in the final two games ....not only is their best player going to be out for a month.....but when he gets back , he might have to allegations that he's a cheater just like McGwire.

I hope to God that this isn't true. Not only will this hurt one of the great franchises in the sport, the already tarnished reputation of the game as a whole would be destroyed.

When I was in the Lou, Pujols' number 5 was easily the most worn shirt in and around the city. Even more than Ozzie Smith's number 1. The T-shirt that nailed down the city's feelings about Albert. It said "I have a man-crush on Albert Pujols." This city loves this guy in the way few players are ever embraced by a fanbase.

Let's hope for their sakes and Albert's.....that the rumors are just that...rumors.


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I admire you, Darth Marc, for continuing to defend A-Rod. I tired of it long ago. :-(

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