Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Knew It Wouldn't Be That Easy

Somehow I knew Randy Johnson wouldn't cooperate.

Even though we're going up against the back end of the Mets rotation, I had a feeling that this wouldn't be an easy sweep. These series always play out tough. No matter how good bad the teams are. They try to play down the importance of these series. But you can tell that both teams take this series seriously.

It's funny how all of this blue and orange has come out of the woodwork. All you Shea faithful who love to comment on how Yankee Stadium is full of frontrunners, tourists and pink hats. Guess what, they're coming your way now. This middle aged guard tried to give me a couple of digs after today's loss in the drug store. You could tell he was just a peripheral fan and assumed that just because he had 15 years on me that he knew what he was talking about.

"The NL was running things before you were born, young boy. We won all the All Star games in the 60's and 70's." After reminding him that the games don't count. I also reminded him that the AL has won more World Series (the 60's being the only decade since World War II where NL held the advantage) and have dominated the All Star game over the last decade. "Do you really want to have this argument, old man...or do you want to go back to guarding the door against old ladies stealing Depends?" He didn't like that too much and realizing that I had six inches and 50 pounds on him...he wisely decided to walked away.

I don't mind arguing baseball with strangers. I enjoy it quite actually. But don't throw rocks at a man who has a machine gun. I live and breath this stuff. If you don't want to get your feelings hurt than it's in your best interest to keep the discussion civil. There are some pissed off folks in the Lou who decided to bring up A-Rod's travails to me when all I wanted to do was watch the game. They didn't like it when I brought up how Pujols and company got the Mommy Dearest treatment when Manny and the Sox yelled "No Wire Hangers!" in 2004.

This is a.357 world. Leave your 22's at home.

Jaret Wright, if you don't win another game this year...please win this one tomorrow. You've been pitching well lately. The Empire will love you if we can get another quality start out of you tomorrow.


Blogger Kat said...

three hours of joe morgan tonight is going to drive me insane. but there's always the mute button. I have a feeling Wright will pitch well later this evening. He's been looking pretty good in his last few starts. I hate losing to the Mets.

1:00 AM  
Blogger kigogal said...

I'm going out of town and will probably miss tonight's game! Why is Joe Morgan always so mean to his sweet little look-like-a-peeled-potato buddy? Sometimes he's just not nice!

Darth - I like the gun anaolgies. I'm a 9mm girl myself. :-)

What do you see happening with Randy Johnson? I mean, if he continues to stink it up through August or so, do you see him in the post-season rotation? Haven't we only seen like 1 or 2 really, really great starts out of him?

4:22 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

I like Morgan, although sometimes he has a penchant for stating the obvious.

I just think the Mets have Johnson's number. Some teams just hit some pitchers better than others. In the long run, I think he'll be ok. But I think that unless Johnson brings his A-Game, they'll jump all over him. Wright changes speeds and mixes it up a bit so maybe he'll keep them off balance.

6:58 AM  

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