Saturday, July 01, 2006

One Is The Loneliest Number.....

"Right now, you can say the American League has four to five teams that are a little better than teams in the National League." Willie Randolph after Friday night's loss

This is from the manager of the best team in the Senior Circuit. Not a lowly Yankee fan. I wonder if they're going to start calling Willie a Yankee spy like they did Mike Stanton?

The Mets get one hit last night and all of a sudden, Metstradamus and his little minions are all of a sudden bored with the game and Interleague. I was at the game and the crowd didn't seem at all bored to me. They were very into the game. Even after the rain delay. At least the Yankee fans were.

There were quite a few mutants sporting the blue and orange in the Bronx last night. I was quite impressed because normally, Mets fans don't like making the trek to the Bronx as much as Red Sox fans do. Ask Metstradamus, who has boycotted Yankee Stadium for several years now.

But for the life of me, I can't imagine why they were so quiet. I guess 1-2-3 innings have a different effect on Mets fans than other folks. They get very sleepy and cranky.

This is the sort of pitching performance we needed. The inability to string several together has been the reason we haven't been able to go on a long win streak like the Sox (who had their's ended last night. Thank you, Dontrelle!). Even without two of our sluggers, I've maintained that we still have enough offense to win games. But we have to get consistent starting pitching. Our bullpen can't be expected to carry the load. Last night was a unique situation because of the rain delay plus Moose felt a tug in his better safe than sorry. The pen was coming off a off day so everything lined up quite nicely.

But you can't expect this every night. The starters have to start pitching into the seventh or our guys will have nothing left for the stretch run, much less October. I'm hoping Unit can go deep into today's game to give our guys a blow.

One more thing about last night. Enough of the A-Rod booing. You can't give him a standing ovation after he hits a game winning homer on Wednesday and then boo him because he pops up on Friday (with the team winning btw). I've said this before and I'll say it again. If it meant we could get rid of all these front-running hypocritical tourists who call themselves Yankees fans...I'd be happy if we never drew four million ever again.

We don't need their support or their money. Go to a Broadway show or something.


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