Friday, June 30, 2006

Boston To The Mets: Now Go Home And Get Your Shinebox!!

I shouldn't laugh so hard being four games back. This has a chance of blowing up in my face.

The Mets are pissed and want blood after getting thrown a Jimmy Conway type beating in Beantown. The Mets fans want my head. Even with the back of their rotation scheduled to pitch, the Mets figure to be a tough out this weekend. If the Yankees lose two out of three or get swept, it could be a tough July for yours truly.

But where's the fun in all of this if you don't put yourself on the line every once and a while? No guts, no glory.

Despite certain Mutt fans whining to the contrary, I wasn't rooting for either team this week. I planned on jumping all over Infidel Nation had they lost the series to the Mets. And I would gladly have taken the games gained in the standings as well. Instead of gaining games however, we lost a game in a half. Now the Yankees are responsible for their own destiny. If they win or lose the pennant, it won't be because the Mets did or did not beat the Red Sox in June. We control our fate, not the Mutts.

But yeah, I enjoy tweaking Mets fans just like they enjoyed tweaking me in 2001, 2004 and 2005. It doesn't mean that I hate the Mets as much as I love the Yankees like many Mets fans admit to such as Shea Butt Boy Metstradamus has done in the past. He calls himself the Sooth-Sayer for the Scions of Shea and their fans. Yet, he's admitted when confronted by yours truly that he hates the Yankees more than he loves the Mets. What I wrote doesn't come close to doing that.

Mets fans have very limited experience in this so I should remind them that pennant races are not won in June. If you're six games out or less in June, history shows that you still have a great chance of catching up. We're down four games and it stinks. But if we handle our business, we should have more than enough time to make up the difference because the Sox are due to cool off at some point.

I said the Mets have locked their race up because the rest of the NL East teams are so putrid, that it would take a collapse of monumental proportions for them to lose the division. Outside of a Yankee World Series title, nothing would make me happier. But it's not gonna happen.

But does my tweaking of the Mutts fans make me as bad as the tools at Shea that chant "Yankees Suck" when they're playing the Braves? Hell no. Am I as bad as Brooklyn Met Fan who has a Hate the Yankees section on his blog? I hate the Red Sox and I hate the Mets almost as much. So I'm gonna tweak both whenever I get a chance. But to call me a hypocrite when your fan base is full two-faced liars and phonies is kind of like Heidi Fleiss telling Jenna Jameson that she doesn't approve of the way she makes a living.

Newsflash to Mutts fans: You can't whine when Yankees fans take digs at your team for getting manhandled like Jodie Foster in "The Accused", when your fanbase takes more pleasure from Yankee losses than Mets wins. When your fanbase is defined more by their hatred of my team than their love of their own. When you get your own identity and stop defining yourself by comparing yourself to us....Then talk to me about how much you "love" your team.

So bring it on this weekend, bitches. Let's see whose team is up to the task of backing up our boasts.


Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

Well now, as someone who is a Met fan Darthy boy, let me explain something to you. Do I hate the Yankees, to some extent, but it is more due to the arrogance of most of your fan base, who could not name ten players from the 96 team if I spotted them Jeter, Martinez, Williams, Pettitte and Rivera. I have a great deal of respect for Rivera and Jeter, they are stars. A-Rod is also a top player.

What irks Met fans are the jerk Yankee fans who act like they are better than Met fans because "they" have won 26 championships. Two things, if you have not played on the team, and have not been alive for 90 years, you won nothing. The team you root for did, and props to them.

Are there bad Met fans, sure. But for all the crowing by Yankee fans, tell me, didn't George want to move the team to Jersey because not enough people were showing up? If Yankee fans were real fans, they would have.
Yeah, I know, Met fans didn't go either, but don't preach to me about how bad Met fans are.

Take a look in the mirror sometime.

10:12 AM  
Blogger kigogal said...

Bring it on bitches is one of my very favorite ways to end a rant.


Go Yankees!

Have a good weekend, Darth.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...


First of all, in all seriousness, you seem to have a lot to say and unlike some of your brethren, you can conjugate a verb and form a sentence. I think you would be a very good blogger. I would read it and I know a lot of other baseball fans who would as well. Think about it. It's a lot of time, but it's a lot of fun.

However, your argument is old and weak. Yeah, during the bad old days of the late eighties and early nineties, fans stayed away. The strike also had something to do with it. But they've been coming droves over the last decade so that point is moot. George is George and he's going to bellow and complain until he thinks someone is paying attention. I don't think he ever seriously considered moving the Yanks in Jersey because A)If you look at the problems the Devils and Nets have in drawing fans you can see that they don't have the sort of fanbase that will support a pro team (outside of football, which is once a week) and B)His current fan base would revolt and abandon the Yankees altogether(including yours truly)

Also Jersey had no intention of building the Yankees a new stadium. Gov. Whitman at the time made that very clear.

Don't talk to me about us being bad fans when the only time you can sell out your building is when you play the Yankees. You have the best team in the NL and you can't sell out your own building without our help. Pathetic.

And my problem with Mutt fans is that you make these bad generalizations about Yankee fans, based on the couple of idiots in your family or in your neighborhood.

There are a lot of things that Metstradamus can say about me, but he knows that I love baseball and can match wits with nearly anyone about the game. All those things I said about the NL being guys whined about it...but you never said that I was wrong.

And for the record, I was there in the bad old days when the Yankees stunk. Can you say the same?

Good to have you back Kigo!!!

8:01 PM  
Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

Actually, I have been at Shea through good and bad. I started in the late 70's, as soon as I was old enough to start to grasp the game. I was torn between two teams, mom's family was Yankee all the way. Dad was able to prevent the brainwashing. That being said, I did watch the Yankees, and admired many of the players, Nettles, Guidry, Munson (his death was a great loss).

As I said, there are bad Met fans, and there are bad Yankee fans. Too many Met fans do abandon the team. As do Yankee fans in lean years.

Your claim about Shea not being sold out unless the Yankees are the opponent holds as much water as a thimble however. There may not be as many sell outs as at Yankee Stadium, but there have been a few this year, and more to some. Now, my other Orange and Blue team does have this problem, only selling out when the Rangers are the opposition. That is mostly due to a decade + of awful management.

I must admit I do enjoy your blog. You have a good grasp of the sport, and your style is interesting.

I do thank you for your kind words on my writing. The blog thing is something I have been kicking around a while. I am considering it.
Maybe I will call it "The Rebellion" :)

2:35 AM  

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