Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Name's LoDuca....I Live On The Second Floor....

So many infidels to kill, so little time.

Yet another Scion of Shea has started his own site, Ed from Westchester, a regular on my blue bitch Metstradamus' site has started his own blog. Ed is quite clever for a mongoloid and ocassionally can be quite funny. And unlike some jerkoffs who only want to comment and run from site to site, he had the guts to actually to put his Big Apple where his pen is. Give him a read. Who knows when I'll have to destroy him. ;-)

I'm paying dearly for Sunday night's win. Not getting to bed until 4am last night is the reason I'm up 5am typing this blog.

I fell asleep on my couch around the 7th inning of the Yanks-Tribe game last night and woke up well after midnight. I go to bed to get some real sleep. I wake up thinking it's probably 6:30 or 7am...it's friggin 3:30! My sleep cycle is all screwed up. Thankfully the game is on at 6:05 tonight so I can catch up on some Z's.

Not that there was much reason to stay awake last night mind you. Wang had one of his patented Pettittesque starts. A mediocre one right after a great one. It was nice to see him battle through despite not having his best stuff. But this Cleveland lineup is not one you want to scuff through without your best stuff. Eventually the big lumber is gonna hit you square between the eyes. In Wang's case Hollandsworth did the honors with a two run homer that knocked him out of the game in the sixth.

They have to start scoring runs for this kid. I understand that it's common to have a lull after an outburst like Sunday's. And maybe the late Sunday start had something to do with it. But they have to start scoring runs consistently. They had their chances early. But once again, you could start three orphanages and a group home with all the runners they leave on base.

As if the baseball gods are pissed at Mets fans for some debt unpaid, a ghost of Shea prospects past helped the Yankees last night. Scott Kazmir shut out the Sox last night to gain his 10th win of the year and his 5th career win against Boston. We didn't gain a game, but at least we didn't lose one either.

To tie up the Subway Series thread, I wanted to touch on a point that the characters from the Mets Blog Faith and Fear In Flushing made recently. It is sort of anti-climatic to have the series end in a tie. Particularly in years when both teams are competitive.

So if you're going to do it, why not make it seven games? That way you'll have a definitive winner and a fanbase who will have definite bragging rights for a year.

I know that there are a lot of opponents to Inter-league. Personally, I like it, because it gives me an excuse to visit parks that I rarely go to or have never seen. Yeah, Yanks-Marlins is kind of blah. But the tradeoff is Yanks-Cards (Clemens 300th win & 4000th strikeout), Yanks-Cubs (always fun to hang with the Wrigley Drunks) and Yanks-Dodgers(Chavez Ravine? Nuff Said.) I don't think that it takes away from the World Series at all. It just gives the fat kid in the candy store Orange Nerds when only Cherry was available. And outside of a little tooth decay and diabetes, how is that a bad thing?

Or maybe it's better that it's only six games. Let the World Series settle things. Who cares about a six game season series when you can win seven game series in October?

I loved how Paul LoDuca tried to make the problem with his pitcher, A-Rod's problem. Alex's reaction after his grandslam was quite tame, yet Lo Duca felt the need to try to pick a fight after he jogged the bases.

I think the root of all this was that Paulie was frustrated with his rookie pitcher who refused to throw strikes and with his manager who didn't have anybody going in the 'pen after it was clear that this kid didn't have it.

For some reason, players just hate losing to Alex. Manny can do the centipede around the bases and noone says a word. But Alex shows the slightest bit of joy after hitting a huge home run and LoDuca wants to mouth off.

What's worse is that seems like people feel like they can mouth off to him and get away with it. I'm glad that he and Giambi got in his face after that.

The Mets players seem to love Willie, so none of his guys are going to throw him under the bus for now. But if that 10 game lead becomes five, I wonder who's going to throw the first molotov cocktail into his office?


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