Friday, July 21, 2006

My Man Crush On Vernon Wells Has Worn Off....

You can't be hitting bombs off Mo and expect me to maintain platonic man-love for you, VW. Sorry. You're going to have to hit a couple of bombs off of Paplebon, Schilling and Beckett if you want a Christmas card this year.

I appreciate Moose's observation about A-Rod's recent play after last night. But while he didn't intentionally throw Alex under bus, he must've forget to take it out of reverse, because those looked like tire tracks on his back.

As annoyed as I was about the errant throw, I'm more annoyed that he sidearmed it into the backstop than the fact that he made it. I've seen him make that throw and others like it dozens of times before without a problem. All I want is for him is to get his head right, start playing the game the way's he's capable of playing it and stop with the gay shirtless poses in Central Park.

And enough of this A-Rod wants out of NYC garbage that I've been hearing on the radio and ESPN. First off, as self-conscious as he is about his image and his legacy, he knows that it would be irreparably damaged if he asked out of here because he can't hang.

Secondly, even if you could trade him, where would he go? There are only two other teams who can afford him and neither want him. And even if they did, how can you get equal market value for one of the 50 best players in his prime? The answer is, you can't.

The Yankees best bet is for them to help him work his way through this. And enough of the "Jeter to the rescue" nonsense. Whatever Jeter has to say the Alex should be done in private. Not for the cameras. And spare with the "Derek did it for Giambi" garbage. Giambi was this close from being out of baseball forever last year. If the Yankees could have cut him, they would have. He was a shell of a player and a person. Jeter's vote of confidence was almost a necessity for Jason to get back to where he needed to be.

All Alex needs to do is stop reading the papers, quit with the Queer as Folk spreads and focus on the friggin game.

We're only two and a half back. I wish everyone would stop acting like we were 22.


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